The Book of Ruth – 1 of 4 In Series

Part 1 Of A Four Part Study in the Old Testament Book of Ruth

by Dennis Gundersen

Message recorded the morning of 28 November 1999

Grace Bible Church Tulsa

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 Let’s look this morning at the Book of Ruth.

We are going to look this morning, and tonight at Ruth My intention, at least at this point, is that it will be the first couple of some future messages on Ruth that hopefully I will be able to deliver on occasion when I preach, but each section has such valuable, independent lesson to it that even if there is an extensive gap between, this is obviously not going to be a week by week thing that you’re going to get a good independent specific lesson from each portion that we cover. Let’s readt at this point.  the first six verses.

 I can about in the days when the judges governed that there was a famine in the land and a certain man of Bethlehem and Judah went to sojourn in the land of Moab, with his wife and his two sons.  The name of a man was a little it in the name of his wife Naomi and the names of his two sons were they want in Chile on.  If bytes of Bethlehem and Judah have entered the land of alive and remain there been a little let Naomi’s husband died and she was left with her two sons, except for themselves Moabite women as lives.  The name of the one was or but in the name of the other route.  And they lived there about 10 years than both male and in Chile on also got in the woman was bereft of her two children and her husband is euros with her daughters are launching I returned from the land of Moab or she heard in the land of no of the Lord had visited his people and giving them.  

We’ll stop there at the moment.

 if you’re to look in the Scriptures for one book of the Bible, which describes times and the attitudes that resemble much of what you find in our own culture today.  He might well settle on the book of Judges as one of your best candidates.  Possibly the best candidate the book of Judges just prior to this little book of Ruth here is the book judges, which really enzyme quite a God bless on moral we’ll do as we please note you may remember the conclusion of Judges the last verse.  Probably on the same page or across the page from what we just read what it tells us chapter 21 verse 25 and those days there was no king in Israel everyone did what was right in his own I said that’s not the only time the book of Judges asserts that sounds a lot like our times.  To me, and how one thinks that kind of statement we read words such as everyone did what was right in their own eyes how that resounds in your soul in particular tells a great deal about you someone who does not know God, you might say that to say that people did what was right in their own eyes the natural response might be well sure, you know what else would you expect it.  I do not write what you think is right that this makes perfect sense but to a believer in God it rains immediately of tragedy and Hope was to recognize beneath the surface of those words something very rejects no one was guided by the word of God.  No one was submitting to the word of God people were just doing their own thing in the interest single pages from the book of Judges in the Old Testament can you make this tiny book of Ruth and it is such a striking contrast that it’s nothing like the book of Judges is not a history of national warfare in decline and backsliding it’s nothing but a story of a couple of women a very nice man and how he comes in and change their lives that could even be called has been called up a romance.  A book about a penniless widow from a foreign country who meets and marries a better man than she could ever dream of possibly meeting time and a prosperous man an exceptionally principled man.  And they marry, and they would happily around and do it exist in many ways much about it is extraordinary story about ordinary people for the most part.  

The story pretty much revolves around family, work on farms personal troubles marriage.  We are told in the first verse that it took time sometime took place sometime during the era of the judges.  But there’s is no hint of when during your at it that way.  So your guess is as useless as mine.  It was then that I want to live the story, even in the Bible, because it’s a breath of fresh air after the judges at with their full, because as J. Vernon McGee once said, when the swine fan of the judges.  It is yours at a stop are all in much wind and all but dead, that’s it.  Does you haven’t heard them as J. Vernon the gate to a head in just what way is bound to have a chance to show this morning and receiving it when it when you study portions of Scripture through like oh no the book of Romans were first John Colossians or something of the sort.  You may not be blamed at times you’re wondering nowhere in the scheme of things in the overall scope of his words is the Lord intend for a book like Ruth about marriage harvest in the fields personal problems moving.  What is that therefore will is intended to be a viable force in the answer really is that for people who lived in times like the book of Judges spoke up for people are living in times when everybody is doing just as they please, as they want to in their own eyes route is for the people who wonder where in all of creation is God when the whole nation is going to hell.  What is going on, and announces in King Lear and uncertain terms that he is as close as ever.  He is as totally involved in the lives of these people is that he is still carrying out everything that we are told Romans 828 but you still working all things together for good to those who want according to his purpose and yet in his own mysterious ways there are no miracles in a there are not even any words attributed to the Lord speak.  It is the book of the Bible that next the book of Esther probably would have the least mention of any explicit statement about God are two fundamental.  And yet, just like the book of Esther God is just unmissable throughout its apparent everywhere in the book.  And in a time when the main character may only have given up entirely on ever being a recipient of God’s blessings and that all of all of her most ordinary pursuits were being entirely guided by the will.  And yet plans a blessing for her even when she assumed it might need to purchase sorts all the real lives in the book of Ruth, what we are told Romans 828 God is at times working all things get his people.  

Here’s an example of it for good and it’s difficult for people who wonder where God is when tragedy after tragedy comes into my life.  It’s a book that is for people who wonder whether I have any business continuing to look to God for mercy when the mess that I’m in is probably due to my own blunders and since that’s what the people began to wonder if there’s any point in living as a servant of God when all the rap world around us to do what he could come from your efforts I got were continuing to try and win not only world resist you but when you have failed so often.  Looks like Ruth are designed to give us examples from real-life persuade us to press on when we might not otherwise be persuaded by someone in which motivating doctrines of the Bible.  Books like Ruth are like that friend comes alongside and says it is worth it is witnessing a, I was the spirit so utterly discouraged and got the whole time that he was disparaged God was working his goodwill count is at some possibly useful or dislike what now.  I think that it always will chapter 1.  The author of this book, we don’t know exactly who it is that he’s is a real genius.  These striking his style he’s got is that exceptional writing ability when you understand how he expresses himself Hebrew, one of the things that he doesn’t started see it in her ease up, to set up a situation for us.  He’s obviously not intending to give us long descriptions of things that he could set a great deal more about disputes over huge decisions and very lengthy periods of the lives of the people he’s talking about is a sentence or 2° over the that’s because he’s got a gold is moving towards.  Let us know, for starters, as I said that this was in the days when the judges govern that means that from me.  Between the death of Joshua to the time of Samuel.1500 1100 B.C. time.  Not only what at Fraser and did what was right in his own eyes get it to mean and it’s usually been taken at the connotation of her other godless age also can enter the connotation in some of others that it may also meant people were to a large extent uncovered.  So not just a moral without leaders who did much about it we live in highly immoral culture that is highly regulated.  They lived in a probably was becoming highly immoral culture that was also highly unregulated.  The guys working in his way at all times, whether men are doing their job or not, and hopeless times you have to sometimes put forth a little extra focus with your faith to stay alert for those little rays of light show that God is still at work among his people even than as a hymns in the traditional dial-up God moves in mysterious ways, says Judge not the Lord by evil sense of trust him for his grace behind a frowning providence it 🙂 it was in a time like that.  

First thing I want talk to guys first point in verses one to five is Naomi’s disintegrating world disintegrating world of Naomi verses one to five is e-mail it really is not Ruth is actually cheap subject of this book is where it begins.  Every character in the book is introduced to us introduced in some relation to Naomi she’s the focus of the thing and begins by telling us that there was a fat man in Israel, which provokes this couple intellect and Naomi to conclude that they must move they feel themselves driven from the land in order to seek food.  That would be pretty compelling.  Not hard to understand 50 miles away is Moab is plenty of food there.  So they go in the first verse is just trip with Hebrew irony.  The way the state in a city called the House of bread Jerusalem is no gray and a man named Mike God is king little at moves into a nation who despise is not to worship instead, a hideous child offering God of key March and went where they move this nearby country know at the summation always set forth in the Old Testament as it is a country of detestable people separated from God.  And as you know these folks that live in times when they were found from the new life that was the case.  There wasn’t the kind of response you don’t think it’s a for asserting out you have a disaster.  Here there is not in her starvation miss that place and the Lord has been late to get a great deal of resentment people get annoyed so I would serve God like that all that much about us.  These folks knew her family came from the animal and God was not live in the real that this chapter 26 was very clear that it was God reader sends rain full of holes rain as he pleases.  And it often was in direct relation to their obedience with their lack thereof a little like an enemy move in it going to Moab was a risky business by the same standard data since that would be an easy ride necessarily.  Where do with worshipers, hardly anyone that’s attached to figure, and yet I would like to Naomi want to stay there a little while, but the end of verse two says that they remained there all the fact that I’ll indicate this was a long-term dwelling for this family and you see how it is moving along at a rapid pace.  That’s a lot of ground in just a few sentences because the setting us up for something else in one of the first things that he setting us up for it in verse three.  When the beginning of Naomi’s world is integration sites that since then they’ve moved here along with everything you look at things as the is so in addition to having to move from their homeland.  The second blow comes of husbands that in verse four ads for us that as having been left with her two sons.  They think for themselves Moabite women, and you don’t have to look very far back into the law putting fear Deuteronomy chapter 7 verse three, which one of the commandments that was given was you shall not intermarry within you shall not give your daughters to their sons nor shall you take their daughters for your son.  For they will turn your sons away from following me to serve other gods and then the anger of the lord will be kindled against you and what you achieve your husbands it is not it you move just about to deliver little expect us to do.  Not a single about how many roof seemed like fairly decent women discussing that if I say that there are even at times in their ungodly people at times to at least have some degree of a moral code themselves who maintain that with some integrity Institute at babies were decent women in many ways an area that this has been quite brief.  Fair SEC’s is working its way into our family life and can there be any doubt in the slightest doubt in your mind that she had to wonder at times, should never been a was this all wrong in.  We entirely not now my sons have lives that ultimately will never be no doubt she is wondered as some of this can be a terrible judgment in our families and you will against you.  And then as he is wondering this perhaps the author says will only play about one more blow to you about her spot in both May 1 in Chile on also got an woman was the wrath of her two children and her husband’s icy in five verses we’ve covered analyzing a land of family moved to another nation that they are told by God wanted to stay away from her husband died as well that there are signs of a married pagan woman and a guy covered that much in five verses.  Very unusual thing for both of his sons to die adult life before their mother.  Notably not to pagan wives of her sons.  There’s a lot in this was too late to a Hebrew lady in many ways this was all is that your name is not the law.  And with the promise to Abraham being a promise of an innumerable seed.  

The loss of children was considered about the most devastating consequence that one could suck possibly be worse than it can see the regrets questions in the second guesses.  Surely we were never meant to be here, this is this was not about what we’re entirely of God Lord promised to feed his people in pain and even promised human Moab.  But here I am on a dweller in Moab on getting the old lady and nobody in my family is a lot cheaper wrath of everything.  And they may only means pleasant, savvy companies who that’s the setup of Naomi’s world disintegrate on her.  A second point is Naomi’s decision to return receipt versus 6015.  It tells us her sixpence euros of the daughters-in-law that she might return from the land of Moab.  It is to Israel.  She heard in the land of Moab that the Lord had visited his people and giving them food.  So she departed from the place where she will center to daughters-in-law with her and then went on the way to return to the land of Judah, talking not about you but frequently when people move it seems that some hope in their hearts and a new beginning outburst are maybe things will be better there are seeing people often at the time of the move feel like this kind represents a positive step in the direction of change some sort.  What nothing of the sort is in Naomi stops he decides to return.  But without the hope in her heart that often he stirred up in people when they’re moving somewhere maybe do a job transfer some of the change.  She has got all the enthusiasm of a losing team that just got very well in the first half and are going to walk.  She.  She is not in use it all.  She goes back to the immediate resignation, whatever God wills to do with her mental why I should bother to return why she bothered to what word is reached or that God has visited his nation Israel giving them to.  So she prepares to return to Israel, why not know that the same but for now here in his ear as breadwinner noirs sons aren’t a lot about on all the shots it’s entirely up to the Jews were lit up about it is that they’re at the most well-known and of course fascinating part of all the programs begins right here in this section beginning of verse seven, because as she sets out there there commences this little verbal tug-of-war between she and her daughters-in-law.  It starts when the girls first while they stick with their her mother-in-law tells us in verse seven that they went after she but they went on a way to return the land of Israel.  She starts acting as her back to you in the bag as he removed her family remove them a surprise them today to say goodbye and if you can move in on your mobile.  I’m going back, but it can happen with neighbors and she says that we sent her to daughters-in-law call return each of you to her mother’s house of the Lord deal kindly with you as you have dealt with the dead.  And with me at the Lord grant that you may find wrath speech in the house of her husband.  She kissed the amendment with a there was a what sense does it make you come with this is your country.  That’s my country.  You have family here.  You to stay here, just as she has always felt out of place, no doubt in stranger in Moab on her daughters-in-law feel like strangers a place in Israel that legacy.  He knows how that is, what they want whatever standards as they said there are no but we will surely return with you to your people are determined to a touching scene and must love one another.  Very much as he’s thinking a primary is a simulated a man understands them.  It’s not your nation and I have no family radio, what is becoming associate lays it on the line with them, verse 11 show most kills moxa commercial evidences return my daughters why should you go with me have it yet since it might win that they may be your husband’s.

If you ever wanted by the way as I start across in this section, we get down that route are making all that you ever wondered is a lot of readers that no one is the author of it such an extended section verses eight to 18 retail rest.  This conversation between Naomi in these widows, who daughters-in-law want while not great.  So much on Naomi’s attempt to talk the girls out of returning with is a great deal of reply even from the only where she’s constantly accidental.  No one ago don’t know how stay quiet all that they ought not just detail for details sake.  And then it’s a Passover in a light years in Britain for spy versus without hardly any detail.  So is highlighting something is purposely telling us about this conversation in great detail and highlights the opening themes of the book making them stand out in bold relief because number one emphasizes Naomi’s misery is where this book is trying to Starr wants to put you in her shoes that you are understanding a woman who is saying don’t go with me on curse.  I’m jinxed God has ruined my life.  It would be best to stay here and just keep away from me.  When in fact I already was intending planning to bless her through her deceased husband’s name and glass one of the eternal and the other thing that is highlighting of this conversation does number two is that it emphasizes what were the women route was by showing, even her commitment to someone like me only a broken woman with nothing to offer anybody at all, but it will be a beautiful is about ACA get her to them simply that first time in verse eight assuming that will want to be enough or return it what you stay here.  You’ve been very time they got on with you have a lovely daughters-in-law make it even husbands and it is my crewmates and I see now what we are equally return a few such speech more firmly in verse 11 sentence there about how have I suspect something I will admit you’re husbands, verse 12 return my daughters crying until they have a husband.  If I said, I have hope, if I should even husbands and it also bears sons, which we therefore until they were grown would you refrain therefore from marrying know my daughters for it is harder for me than for you and the Lord God is, what have I got off on the world’s and its it’s almost like it’s melodramatic you’re a political husbands enlightening for you to get there were thinking that it would produce a decent way to grow up and marry them just as it has been an absurd like she mocks with this melodrama with all kinds of what brought possibly why hang around with me.  You stay with me and you might be choosing a life of a poor childless widow and marry you in Israel your Moabite limit.  Most now they’re not going to be as stupid as my sons where and allow this to happen.  If they can get away with it here, but it’s not a God with their intellect out in assuming that he would marry them show more respect that log.  You she is getting in truth, is not a typical all he must show its authority to on all of that.  But did you notice or make sure you notice or so relevant to both this morning and this evening study of them noticed verse 13 {it is harder for me than for you and what is.  

So we learn that their work is how she was sure that God was against her.  You have lost your husbands and that is that I know don’t I feel it for my sins of the tragedy and misery is really in the knowledge that God behind that chastised.  You are Moabite women who married the I’m sure that my husband and I don’t feel that God is a “miserable.  You stay with me in the God who is against me and against take your chances at just about anybody would walk away from such a negative bloomy hopeless moment, who is honest enough to say there is no hope for life with me more of a not Opera.  What do you not Opera to me else.  That’s what you still Moabite do more for the she sees the good sense in that.  And she says it yet, you’re right, I can see the point, verse 14 they whipped up their voices and what began work with kissed her mother-in-law responder.  And obviously when recipients of the older sister in law has gone back to people about it is that office as head on the Potomac watch to see that you are a pretty me in first in the things but not enough to wealthy and used it as I will stay here.  But Naomi Lang’s even after being told, has gone back on to say and can you imagine as how hopeless which you have to get a miscarriage which you have to get is a worshiper of God for you to tell somebody that it isn’t the scourge of down what you have to be to say, verse 15.  Your sister-in-law has gone back to her people and to her God’s return with your sister.  She back in worship for all God’s people do that to others witnessing for you to some what don’t hang with me to Christian.  You are up, what is purported go back and do that.  Same thing as they are a man cursed by the real God is back in which all are doing for you stay here with gold is your but then we got in the midst of its roots very decisive commitment comes out and she is just a direct despite all of Naomi’s appeals in reasons and she makes a good case for keep away from me that the truth nonetheless is unwilling to separate from her mother-in-law.  And she actually counter appeals do not keep urging me to leave you are turned back from following you don’t do that now.  I want to quit exhorting the lead in its he states her commitment to stay very firmly verse 16, where you go I will go where you want I will watch it like when you got like a revival time there I will be very interested in some determination enforcement talk like that resume the Lord given the and worst of anything but death parts you and me is that she says you may be terse but make it personally if I leave you all to take my chances with a woman who’s had a hard life and human for you in a statement.  He almost what you say in the speech was good or not just doesn’t recipients of cute… it worked to her.

So they both went an amazingly in one of the most amazing personal moments that you anywhere in the Bible of it takes Naomi.  Only the spirit Hebrew, and choosing to stand side of the phone with nothing to offer Paul saw it as he leaves Rome family be thrown when she beat your own customs to the language should be thrown God’s to an unknown land in a language that people who serve God with a book that says for when people asked possibly excepting lifelong widowhood and childlessness live in a woman’s not very good.  Facing that kind of kind of commitment words of the commitment with states to Naomi do it.  It surpasses what any of us would call for in America.  I’ve heard people sometimes use these in America are not sure that you should even put all this management may commit to more than you really are required by the word of God, where an America that he overheard someone say what you die I will die and there I will be very as it is a wife you’re going to commitment and your husband dies, you will not do stay in that same territory and he will continue to raise any children.  Perhaps that may be given to you by union in that area so that the name make a lot of snow in that area and they do it very by failing to make a romantic notions about it again with a spot you’re not that I might agree with you and you may have else.  Just pointing out that when I perform wedding went as the world’s leading of the partners commit till death do us part in that system will be on it.  And here’s a lady who is trying to say in a very emphatically it something that you even after you die out stay where you I will stay where we did not it should be.  It just memory is worst most stunning and touching words of the commitment or just let it however when says in last night’s people shall be my people.  God he might profession to get to serve as a been the most striking thing about the most wonderful thing if you read that rates you are not will be my God, that God judges said the hand of the Lord has gone forth against me.  Your God that God will be my God, think of what she may have learned about this God.  Prior to this.  This was a God who took away their lives has been beautifully Naomi sent.  This is a God who brought them into the land that they had to wealthy and so they had to leave it comes somewhere that they didn’t want it is a God who she is speaking these hopeless words about saying.  Not when I got… is against me route already knew it was risky serving what you got serving God is dangerous because it was clear the God of Israel with chastising God for men with experience and now by her confession of the hand were thoughtful and it is good theology by the way sound very good lord, this is the Naomi was experiencing is disappointing, steroids and with all your/gridlock the religion of a God like this other committee factors to explain it.  Perhaps chili on her husband.  Paul is it with people and basically do you want your the one with the other thing to do it remember what if the word is escaping my head right now sickly and gangly or something.  You get a baby chili and her husband had made the Lord attracted to or maybe a little let the father had made certain Lord attracted to her.  Somewhere another group that’s knew more about God of Israel, the Naomi’s are disturbed words, whatever it was is not overcome the potential downcast ineffectively always negative words in her personal skepticism which are doing it because it is a mix of good theology at the are you a how often does a Saint facing suffering or in suffering and encourage itself in what he does not smite some of the chastising and it’s not often you have to overcome plenty of reasons for focusing on your troubles by reminding yourself or you will not is a reality your life do the government is of vital little obliged to return to do.  Help us believe, even when there is much evidence that times are hold onto for severe distress at faith like that he sees more to it than the current trials in which he and even the time of severe droughts that I know there’s more here God lately.  Yet they also had the courage to venture into the unknown when you’re sure that God wants you to because she has been convinced God want you to take your own wheels around used by faith in a church you’ll, even when the one remaining member of the family to in the faith is totally to practice is saying let’s go back to serve.  Check I had a sense of security that wasn’t dependent on having the things of this light, secure, because she didn’t have as yet along with that radical commitment to the relationships in which the word nuclear you as we close this sex with a female leads downcast and scraps of chapter 1 verse 1922.  We read these words with the will of wants 19 to 22.  So that both went until they came to them when they come to the Lamb all the city was stirred because of them and women said it is my own.  She said them to not only Naomi call me Mara of the Almighty as well.  It would, I without full of what the Lord has brought me back empty.  What you call me Naomi since the Lord has witnessed against me in the Almighty has Naomi returned with their roof them all by this daughter of return from life and death in a return together.  

Just a somewhat recognizable, but like binding enough signatures to what’s 90 and became backed Israel.  She was recognizable, said it is astounding, and you get a demeanor is so different he’s a disparate so it’s like you and I know that in a good mood and immediately she replies, but since it’s like a woman who wanted to put this into our modern lingo.  It’s like a woman whose name was to it that the you don’t get to do it at a summit in Chile comes back and immediately you say it was this really her and her first response is don’t ever call me to a phony he a minute is like what she said.  That’s effectively what he says that it just doesn’t seem it anymore out like that name anymore than a pleasantness is a don’t call me that only bitterness.  I have full life when I left I was a woman of substance and now it’s a disgrace on about nothing in US Naomi, who did this to you in her answer is more work.  The Almighty has dealt very bitterly.  I am empty and not full because the Lord has brought me back empty.  The Almighty has witnessed against me, a legal term for witnessed being used as though she’s saying I’ve been put on trial.  I found guilty on it during my punished the Almighty has afflicted.  He may be bitter, I don’t know about the bitterness of the Nazis just clearly bristling under the whole thing.  Like like every chastisement of the Lord and look what she is closer than thanks to it toward its first point of the right’s sample your you is pretty negative right now.  Wrong.  He does realize something you do if you wish that in our city and among much of Christendom today if we wish ditched that no more believers would recognize something that she sees pretty clearly that God.  Is it going to accept that in holding that truth which he has forgotten is that the God who let this is the same God.  Only must place are all in that we can only seeking to heal, where he has wanted in a sovereign God concerning are worse troubles and even harmful and and wants us.  One story that was quiet until long use force story of Joseph 100 so many horrific trials from his own family members and the guy who is able to stay at the end of it all looking right into the faces of people and sold into slavery in saving the human readable but not meant to prevent it… as all the evil he did.  

He puts up with a Naomi in sin you went anything to prevent all the lives of them as you would be in the lines of you think he may have the patience in dealing with brethren in Christ we know and felt part of a hard blow.  They may reach the day when they can say what use is it to see it in his family got it yet.  In the meantime, it’s as if the and perhaps it might take encouragement from the heart of Sir Ruth was used to restore Naomi to it because she let.  It distributes with with that last verse verse 22 is more significant and you may think it’s the opening to organ look at the opening of them will find verse 22 has some significance what it tells us that they return in that last phrase is such an artful way of beginning point to what’s going to happen next what it says to make into a beginning of the Army’s that’s it’s more than just a signal that had eminently is a great arm signal that.  It’s also a hint of the location of where the great merchant God was in a their right around the corner to make it and you must come to swing a that from working Mayor farmhand servant to find a husband that this will be a means to do it comparison.  At some will be to obtain a that of the reports I IN a fellow grace Bible church members of God rules sovereignly nations.  And jobs to get the job to do and be merry you didn’t pay your children, which once lived with 25 where you move where you didn’t read what everything from Congress the United States.  Your kitchen is intimately involved all our takes thousands and that gives them away.  Nothing from toothpicks it all up on you can’t understand anything apart from God pervades all that goes on is the universe in that way he has created universe is from and even at all.  Having faith like a rose in a God like that.  He does freed from clinging earthly security or thinking that any of that relationship with our own and other applied thought is that God’s providence is sometimes very hard and that is a possibility for any of his people.  It is Psalm 34 voice vote this verse towards the conclusion of the 34th Psalms on 34 in verse 19 when it tells us that many are the afflictions of the righteous but the Lord delivers him out of the mall.  The righteousness that many of which is a great image in that one verse many are the afflictions of the righteous belonging to the Lord Jesus Christ as I get a great deal of trial, but also put in a position where rather than like the world to know many of the child they supper, because the light is separated from God are several separate within the context of relationship.  And all are designed it glory up.  But suppose it was Naomi sins that led to all of these floats.  But suppose that the whole picture that which is seen in everything first it was due to the sins of leaving Israel ends to marrying these is not let them that should only double the encouragement that you can get from the story, because then it shows that God never in never stopped intending blessings for them even while they sit or don’t think that Senator Pat Kerry cancels legal outcomes at all.  So as the book of Judges would so hopelessly ends fruit comes along names.  Even when sins were too much like the world around us.  Even what God is doing out are things.  It is not just story of Romans 15 see what this chapter was meant for the second chapter look at commencement.  Not just story it’s meant as all the Old Testament Scriptures on Romans 15 verse four tells us or whatever was written in earlier times.  And for our instruction.  So that through perseverance and encouragement Scriptures you go book of Ruth was among those injured that you will be my church yourself with it but I got to persevere in spite your past sins will see their open it as their basis for hope Welches after they started to notice the life insurance catching a new government welfare program for a lot about 401(k)s.  And there is no Social Security and in fact are not even a decent job is not in that culture.  They were very defenseless honorable that spot that would have come to my site

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