The Book of Ruth – 2 of 4 In Series

Part 2 Of A Four Part Study in the Old Testament Book of Ruth

by Dennis Gundersen

Message recorded the evening of  28 November 1999

Grace Bible Church Tulsa

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See the book of Ruth To recall this morning goes on your or you based on yet man named a little let and his wife Naomi choose to move to the land of Moab, because there is than in the land of Israel do in the course of their dwelling in Moab are tragedy after tragedy strikes a husband I is memory Moabite lives.  What had to be a great display, and yet, what can be expected or else was available, as as I and Moabite daughters-in-law remain he gradually declines into a very regretful, aggrieved perhaps even bitter self withdrawn misery she contemplates her life and what the decisions that human election made welcome to its discovered that the Lord has restored health and prosperity to the land of Israel that he had.  Even in the blessing of fruit again and so they choose to move back and unexpected to Naomi the daughters-in-law announced that what we’re going to go back with you thought they would stay she discourages the most from coming she urges him stay with your people stay here or a term language they even what you just go back in worship-year-old God’s one of the things that was most outstanding that comment indicative of her great discouragement and serving the one true God.  She succeeds in talking one of the daughters-in-law into going back.  She is not able by any means to persuade the other Ruth to go back to demands insists that you not try to persuade me to go back I am committed to you I will stay with you I am going we’re going.  There seems to be a dual commitment and Ruth both to take care of Naomi in her old age and.  You can’t miss the element in which he says that not only your people be my people but your God will be my God that there’s a commitment even to turn from the gods of Moab, and particularly hideous God to mosh to which the sacrificed children and that you want to serve of the living God even though so much of what she observed of the God of Israel was that this was a God that will try his people that will test his people that will chastise his people when they sent in the associate taxes yourself to a rather hopelessly discouraged woman and says I’m committed you and returns with her to Israel and even their even in spite of this blessing of a young woman who says I’m with you and with you for the long haul and going to stay with you should nonetheless remains sufficiently discouraged and embittered by what had happened in her life that can upon arriving back in Israel and people say well hello will make your back.  Don’t call me and called that because that means pleasantness collegiate has retained at the whole trip him up, and maybe 5060 miles but that would take a few days and she and despite the attachment of Ruth are in the time it took to get there and so on to thank my not really could end up alone here and somebody has already committed to meet a caravan to stay within this is a wonderful thing, but she still comes comes back totally ignoring a sweet woman at her side in the son going to be with you and she says I’m not going to come back empty.  I think, I think anybody look at her that conclusively them in combat quite empty.  You cannot entirely either somebody here who can help colectomy and what the seed of the the excellence of Ruth tonight.  And what an outstanding commitment she makes to her and even some more hints within chapter to their very indicative that Ruth commitment to Naomi was also clearly a commitment to the God of Israel.  Let’s just read the entirety of Ruth Chapter 2 so we can really understand this section, and they only had a kinsman of her husband a man of great wealth of the family of a when electricity was the last and Ruth the Moabite is said to Naomi please let me go to field including among leaders of grain after one and decide that may find favor and she said, ergo my daughter so she departed and went including the field after the reapers and she happened to come to the portion of the field belonging to bow as he was of the family of little upheld allies came from Bethlehem and said the reapers and the Lord be with you and I said in May the Lord bless you and Boese said to his servants servants, who is in charge of the reapers whose young woman is that’s a servant in charge of the reapers replied.  She is the young Moabite woman who returned with Naomi from the land of Moab, and she said please let me lean and gather after the reapers among the sheets as she came and has remained from the morning until now.  She is considering a house for awhile, and Boese said the Ruth listen carefully my daughter did not go to communion of the field.  Furthermore, do not go on from this one but stay here with my maids.  But your eyes be on the field which they read and go after them in the eye of command of the servants not to touch you when you’re thirsty go to the water drums and drink from a certain straw.  And she fell on her face bowing to the ground and said to him why I found favor in your site that you should take notice of me since I’m a foreigner all as applied to her all that you have done for your mother-in-law after the death of your husband has been fully reported to me and how you left your father and your mother in the land of your birth and came to a people that he did not previously no, may the Lord reward your work and your wages be full from the Lord God of Israel under whose names you have come to seek refuge.  And she said, I found favor in your site, my lord for you have comforted me.  And indeed have spoken kindly to your maidservant so I am not like one of your maidservants at mealtime Boese said that a computer you may eat of the red and if you’re a piece of bread invader.  Josie sat in it beside the reapers any server roasted grain and she was satisfied in at some laughed when she rose to glean Boaz commanded his servants and apparently even among machines and do not insult or also you shall purposely pull out or her some grain from the bundles and read it but she may mean and do not rebuke or, as he leaned in the field until evening.  Then she’d be out what she glean and it was about if morally she took it up and went into the city and her mother-in-law saw what she had been.  She also took out to be the only what she had left after she was satisfied from other law then said there were did you mean today and where did you work me who took notice of you be blessed.  So she told her mother-in-law with whom she had worked and said the name of man with whom I work to do is go as Naomi said they were daughter in law, may he be blessed of the Lord who has not withdrawn his kindness to the living and the dead.  Again, they only said her man is all relative he is one of our closest relatives, and Ruth the Moabite is said further he said to me you should stay close to my servants until they have finished all my harvest.  Naomi said the Ruth her daughter-in-law is good.  My daughter that you go out with is made so that others do not call upon you in another field chose to stay close by the maids of Boaz in order to glean until the end of the barley harvest.  And we harvest and she lived with their mother in law.  In many document node is that the Shia, which is the Syrian language version of the Scriptures into the divisions of our of the Bible are somewhat different from our own a lot of different cultures have divided up the books of the Bible somewhat differently than we do in a different order the book of Ruth was placed first in that Syrian Bible among the collection of books known as the books of women.  Interesting way in this prominent spot was based on one thing primarily and that is that in chapter 3 verse 11 OS calls for a woman of excellence, which makes her, but this would be of interest all the which makes Ruth by the way the only woman in the Old Testament in the entire Old Testament called an excellent woman aside from the woman made up.  Ideally in Proverbs 31, unlike an excellent woman Ruth is primarily.  An excellent woman such as that one Proverbs 31 because she blesses everyone around her because her care and her work is does blessing to people around her.  She provides for others to what’s with her hands to be a provider that same chapter problems of course tells us that a woman who fears the Lord she shall be praised and were about to hear the beginning of respect that copy of it.  In this book a so far like I have been explaining the book of Ruth has mostly been the book of Naomi and primarily about mail me up to this point, and that’s because as I said this morning, I think that Naomi is kind of the central character from the beginning of the book all the other characters that come up there all contribute in relation to Naomi in some way.  Exact Naomi’s name comes up twice as often is written in throughout the book, but gradually and by degrees roof and a mysterious man named Boaz start to become the focus of interest.  Even a Naomi is the focus of emphasis to Lotus by the way I can case as with any concerns you sum it might not pick up on this are the reason why.  But i feel notice from this morning and this evening that as a pre-truth would cover a lot of verses and one by, and it may lead someone to wonder you are really studying the lead as we ought to I think it’s an important lesson for you in the manner in which to study different kinds of portions of Scripture in there for the phrase different genres of Scripture at times, that means different kinds of writing in a poetry such as sans you have didactic teaching portion such as the letters of Paul and yet historical sections such as the Gospels were first annual or something of the sort that a law.  Not all portions are meant to be studied in the same manner, and there is no reason to study the book of Ruth, which would study the letter to the Romans or the letter first job for instance, because a sequential argument that is unique and making a point or a series of points requires a different kind of study and a more precise examination of every word than a biography guts.  Just in the same way that you would not consider the necessity of reading informal post a note that someone stuck on the refrigerator the same way that you would read a legal document that you are required to sign a Ruth is a historical story and as such it doesn’t need to be studied in that land that he wouldn’t one would actually missed the point to take this one or two verses of the time you get in the preaching topical messages that have no relationship to the theme of the book.  That would not be useful to do.  Chapter 2 of the outstanding lessons that you see that want to do is remember is have you noticed that when God is about to work for his own glory in people’s lives when God is about to do something to make the glory of his own name shine.  Usually stirs people up in their hearts to work on his glory.  Usually is provoking people to do what they ought to do in God is about to do great things he often moves in people’s lives to do good works.  Dealings with the church in history.  So that the time the great reformation he provokes a Calvin and Luther in his mainly in other men to do great things and it’s true it is dealings in individual lives generally let at times when you have made significant progress in the grace of God in you groaning grace and knowledge it wasn’t because you are sitting back on your laurels being spiritually lazy is because God that you’re looking at what you doing what you ought to have been doing God’s work within precedes our work without and so when we find a Gentile woman desiring to come to Israel, and desiring to serve the God of Israel, particularly after seeing him afflicts perhaps her favorite person living a restaurant at this point that she has and is certainly evidence of God at work within her every believer is a story of this sort to some degree of what God does with his people reading them from their sins in a sense truth story resembles known in a way that Israel going in Egypt and coming back out again for his roles in to the exile in back of exile on an individual level, how God rescues each of us who know him from our own sorry failures to chapter 2 opens with this intent go to display before us some of the traits which showed Ruth to be an exceptional excellent woman.  The first one outlined his would-be Bush versus two and three tonight on the admirable character of Ruth, but the first is a little prefatory comment about the last verse one because verse one really doesn’t fit the outline is his commentary comment to introduce us to the next do that Naomi happen at the kinsman of her husband still living by the way as those that interest, which is author as I said, he’s just a hobby skillful implants will thoughts to get you thinking about something they says many of my latest in Rome.  A comeback in three more about that later in the was on to something else.  These he’s introduced something to you and actually does their verse one when he does settlement male mannequins never has been a man of great wealth of the family when electors and was Boaz and it distracts.  Just as fallible as he’s a relative of an electric great wealth is nothing wrong that it’s mentioned probably as a group of his hard work and frugal management, and it just turns into talk for a while about the admirable character of Ruth, but but we can’t underestimate what the impact would have been to a Hebrew person of what was just said that to him and was dropped it and they can’t to Hebrew person because they have a law which made for a way to provide for the childless widow of a man so the family name would go on and it was still a relatively to the brother or cousin might marry that childless woman and make sure that his relatives had a name as the Woodlawn Cemetery significant effect placed right there and then it turns from him in a telling us what we do to get a doing it is you get involved in ways nobody else what they about Ruthie says the admirable character of Ruth, versus two in three.  She asks, Naomi, but she may go to the field and in the among years of grain in a place known encourages this she’s faithful first of all, to take the initiative now that they’re back just as it is their backs to take this initiative to keep his commitment that she had made the Naomi she goes off to work isn’t commanded by an animated off to work or anybody else get his offers to go somebody has to support the Naomi’s older; as a good job of that in the Naomi so are we volunteers.  She knows about all she can do is glean.  Nobody’s been hired via a worker to assist it just wasn’t doneroots meaning was will barely make a subsistence living for the no more.  But she doesn’t see that it’s pointless she doesn’t see that as demeaning or too humiliating for her to do.  She doesn’t win the you know, it reminds the software I’ve seen so much laziness in America three contrary to that kind of spirit.  It we can do what you like to do and you can’t do the work of the role that you wish you were skilled to do yet to the what you think you’re worthy of doing and do the work that you can do what God has set before you describe that in the such as a second thing and a standout about her is that she’s clearly not presumptuous of any right to a job in a not very far from here there is a very very offensive, at least in my opinion of the Lord of time on a bench that was thus the benches for the bus to stop its until a memorial in that tractor place and just plastered in and big words on that has not been sued says everyone has a right to a job it’s amusing that point a mile from here.  Everyone has a right to job to become a winery that it is working think we’re in the gift that we has a right to a job you love no intrinsic right to be hired Chris knew that if you demonstrate your ability to do something is worth hiring or will you not in the she doesn’t assume the rights even pick up the lift or associate she asked in verse seven of a great elbow as that she came and she said, please let me green and the other half to the reapers among she’s now bad to get your much like that lady to Jesus meeting at the 15th it was okay for the dogs under the table to the crumbs that fall off of that becomes an honor worthy of the mercies of non-outsider but I have it’s not pushing the very neat and even need to for other servants she was not just in front of the master Boaz and she could be trying to curry the favor up making fun of everybody involved here urges all a faithful to the Naomi and not presumptuous of some sort of rights or that she has upon coming back not pushing that what it is also one of amazing industry.  Here, she works harder tells us all day and into the night and at the end of the day it tells us in verses 17 and 18 that she could did some more After Dark even shares with us to want with them just that the writer is it is very obvious in every way the writers trying to get you like Ruth, a writer wants you to admire Ruth probably is training and women that they Ruth to that very clearly.  I think the chief issue here is that he wanted to see how good this one is really making a stand that what was this work by the way of this whole barley harvest and well in other these reapers they were ever hired hands who would become into a field in they would they would grab that shafts of grain there with her left hand they would take their cycle in the right hand or the lack that thing off and then they would one arm got full of the barley then they would lay that damn bit of those caught stocks down on the ground in Gentiles.  That would be tied together and were cold sheets and later though she’s a while that bundle together and they get Kerry to the blind to be thrashed a rift is not asked to be a harvester like that because that was it was hard work, and it was just assumed and in the time that I was men’s work and is one of them do so would require women to do thatand so she asked.  Not that she could be a harvester she wants to know that I glean what that will gleaners were watching that that’s what he would allow some week or disabled or handicapped or elderly person to come in to do who could not do the heavy harvest work out in the sun this was somebody who is allowed to come in maybe in the last couple of hours of light.  After most of the harvest was brought in and see who could pick up for himself to eat scraps that were left over after the pilots have been hauled off as a slight break and leisure equipment leaves me behold you stuff an all-new bags over spilt he leaves you in the ground me do this with this stuff was going to be a little bit less clear up the piles were bundled up and taken to she wonders recommended is glean the scraps can have the scraps that left us with a hand to mouth existence and associate is the work that she’s allowed to do those which is permitted to as he does that she is guided by God merciful Providence right in his good purpose for what one of the most meaningful quotes in my life when I have been times in my Christian life when I was lacking a sense of clear guidance.  And I had a decision to make and I didn’t know what to do when it went it was a big what was the impact things would affect the course of our friends and families life I would decide to do and so women are doing inside and Richard Baxter the Puritan said, it has been one of my favorite” about my Christian life at that, all the Puritan balance Homeland this is a fine essence nothing wasted when you don’t know what to do for the future.  Due to did you need that lies nearest you and the next it will be clear soon enough to did it lies nearest you and next will be clear soon enough to do the thing that is very a talk annotated as he and many people would find guidance, you know for a life.  As regards Granda decisions if they would just go wash the dishes, or it is no may pick up the junk in the room.  Or if they would maybe Google is it that we know that the glory known for some time that they should visit a while ago, or if they would have that per time they been neglecting it does do the things they know they should have done already or a finish that these work at the ultimate women do understand that they haven’t done that well.  You get to that in the next that you’ll be clear enough not be surprised of the sequence of your faithfulness and those things will be right to a clear decision between the two looking for a so I say that in this case, what’s because of how a look at accounting as this writer is again to get noticed this in verse three when it tells us kimberlite or Hebrew writers love to do stuff like especially this before it’s purposeful when he says in verse three years and things are said that what we say, why didn’t he honor God and Satan God providentially broader to the portion the field of a lot about what’s because it wants it that way.  And I hate a good lesson for us Calvinists would impersonate you every statement we make does not have to be full of theological precision is permissible for us to say things at times, but don’t exactly state.  The point with the most precision it doesn’t always happen if they are that way, because sometimes you can make an alternate point more powerfully by not doing so.  Sometimes we can bring out a duty a useful way by not doing so sometimes the irony of leaving gone out of the words that does nothing but a piece of literature but draw very obvious attention to the fact that his window.  And that’s that’s the way you try to speak your draw the attention of the discerning reader to how very obviously God was at work very common in the literature and it’s like the book of Esther has mentioned this morning was never mentioned the name of God or the Lord anywhere in the whole looking at assistant and it’s like the whole book is a piece of sarcasm and makes you constantly think about God, because they keep avoiding mentioning it in the very distant CIC happen to come the field a lot about LaCourse God brought her to that field event processed at missing in to say to ourselves Lord rings to pass his purposes in heaven or even rolling the dice that the alliance casting lacking outcome is from the Lord nothing is written in your so seen better faithfulness and her lack of presumptuousness in her diligence.  All of this is used of God to bring her right to the threshold a blessing and she’s completely unaware on the next bargaining you talk about the intelligence or other that the good attributes of the regrets is that all the good traits of Ruth now that introducing bow as verses four to eight as one as I said mentions it very quietly and then shifting back to Ruth and Naomi returns in at the end of verse three that review coming to his field and verse one and told us first that Boaz was a little extra relatives and enemies deceased husband, and it was a man of great wealth, and that the Hebrew reader detects a crack in the darkness you’re immediately a shaft of light breaking and because here you got a man emerging who could fulfill if he’s willing in Ruth’s life responsibility of what they called the kinsman Redeemer, who would marry the widow and carry on the family line.  We get a firsthand the lowest character in verse four and a tells us voice came from Bethlehem and and said the reverse may the Lord be with you, which they replied in kind moment the Lord bless you there are faster to their a few interactions told of between employers and employees.  Just wanted to find them in the Scriptures and the first thing that I wanted to much a slave to sin out and turns in his first words to them to get there in the morning is made Lord be with you that in the us is how very wealthy off speaks to serve every purchaser must say that the way to work that morning in a a blessing that at the shop to get the data Lord be with your days you pick yet right there at piano a hand-painted and it is to do with them, at all.  The point is, he didn’t just pay them what is fair he was and is decent lost he was blessing on a treat for my printer if you want out businessman, what business is walk with God is don’t go to church with them Sunday and see how he behaves there now.  For them to the factory floor and see how he got there.  And I speak to them and work under a think that this was not just a pious platitudes from mobile as a maintenance here again that this was a man of God.  When he gets there in the maybe a man of God is also men know with eyes and choices young woman is that it’s not their because of Tuesday’s notice that possessive, whose young woman is that possessive that is the as that is named willing to do and say what young woman is matter what the name of the at that moment young woman but whose young woman as she because you see all young women belonged to someone to a husband or to a father protection for them in that land he takes notice of her is a single man.  I guess man that this nice in this rich probably many daughters of Jerusalem and try to snag this fish but he wasn’t interested in setting the correct when it that he is told about her will, by woman that his comeback with Naomi from land of Moab.  He looks into this a bit his comeback from Moab is a rare thing in he would find in time that she had resolved to make Naomi’s got her God release this was the beginning him to OS that is, what was loyal.  She had a good reputation and good name to the church more than a goal and explain our CSS number seven she asked us if she could kick again to Ivanov that was permissible, and we said okay right now she’s not interesting in the House and so he goes in to see her verse eight.  And now we are told next of their first conversation verses eight to 14 records.  Their first conversation in his first conversation with Ruth Belin shows himself first of all to be very generous, because there are three verses 89.  It is listen carefully, my daughter denied communion and put it in another field for the Lord do not want to miss one but stay here with my mates.  But your eyes be on the field which they read them go after them.  Indeed I’ve commanded the servants not to touch you and your thirst to go to the water jars and drink from what the servants draw focuses.  This is awfully early for this much kindness, but obviously there is either an initial attraction here or there is some desire based on the fact that he knows Apache came back with Naomi in the land of the coming of enemies has been his deceased knew who he was.  And the new single, and he knew who she was.  And so that WAS that oil will see where this goes encourages Ruth to feel free to mean in his field and motocross or drink anytime you want a country like he shows himself to be very thoughtfully protective of the women in that kind of a setting because he says in his paragraph in a network environment or twice it comes up in this chapter that he had told the young women to lay off for another young men allowed as we were alone.  Don’t want to mess around there and putting earth threatening her in a without suppose in some of the culture of those times that you young woman who was vulnerablemeant might have been an easy prey for molestation are raped in a field like that so uses.  I have been very firm with the of the servants of the day review of all such a safe and going to their water supply, and she’s been be dealt with like she was a full-fledged hired hand.  Even though she’s not a look at Ruth Mrs. is comes out more about her character emerges.  In response to him, she is absolutely floored by this.  She is just completely taken aback during the presumptuous when her body verse 10, she says that she fell on her face bowing to the ground and said to him why have I found favor in your site that you should take notice of me since I am afar that response is I find that staggering in contrast how workers act and think and respond people today and the benefits they expect an affair in the country that they expect from people so unlike people to a question in verse 10 no line of I found favor with you in this way of the one that we should ask are not often in the model.  And when my favorite hymns and that Attorney General to number 271 or speaks of the lie was a need to hear your voice and Intermountain from thousands make the right choice and rather starve than come resuming after favor, Joseph R. final and has several strikes against her and rather than block against Madurese at it in some ways it’s techno on a corner on length of any favors as much as a surprise she assumes that you regularly do not owe anything to me.  There is no general entitlement in her mind to other people’s wealth simply because she is the does and doesn’t do that God gives fears of responsibility in the area doesn’t matter whether she accepted this is just the way things were in Israel culturally or the way God ruled in that land are some custom by which the people of this land live it it it doesn’t matter.  It doesn’t matter in your life either the levels of favor bestowed richest accepted as reality.  It isn’t over, what he has to favors be shown such as gratefully moved in his dealings.  Just because people today do expect special treatment for themselves used is very taken aback with kindness.  Very differently from most of the people around us today do the same astonished rather than not given privileges or astonishing gift to which they are not entitled are taken away as though a portion of Nashville keep at a point being that people rarely feel thankful that the humble and meek.  When shown a mercy become thankful and even become more humble, urban crabby all day and in your your wife or husband is assuming really nice for you a discount from humbles you know of a new that you forgot to list of things as earlier today.  So nice will deserve this all started here at verse 11 verses 11 to 13 of the most important verses in this chapter of OSS in reply to her life.  You are a fan favorite, and here’s his reply was when all that you’ve done for your mother-in-law after the death of your husband has been fully reported to me personal and I’m doing you a blessing because the report.  How kind you been to Naomi is known all around in a way that you’ve committed or is wanting.  You left your father and your mother in the land of your birth akin to a people that you did not previously no need to notice this may the Lord reward your work and your wages be full from the Lord the God of Israel under whose means you have come to seek refuge in that I take as the the second Bengkulu after her commitment to God to be my back is the second includes do something more apparent than in merely commitment to Naomi.  He says you have clearly come to take refuge in the means of God.  It’s clear that her commitment to mail me into the land of Israel is a commitment to serving you got kidnapped is sure to be nice to Naomi get you to serve the God of Israel.  He made that clear in the refuge in God is a concept which many of our neighbors to they know very little about the not want humility of being like little chicks under the wing of the hand to to humbly and the religion of works prefers to retain some pride over myself and my cock was that it’s necessary for sake that entity and you come under the wing just respond to verse 13 with with further words of humility and that just marveling out loud ago as a soap opera where.  She said, I found favor in your site, my Lord view of company and indeed have spoken kindly to your maidservant the land not like one of your maidservants that your your stock up to me as if I belong to you yourself up to me as if I was one of your own hired people.  Even when humble position by any standard maidservant up a nasty job she got to wash the feet of the travelers an empty chamber pots these sorts of things and Ruth sees yourself to see she says I’m not even intriguing as good as one of those in line with even one of them.  Not that high, respondents were still in its it is going to this conversation he responds with further thoughtfulness and invites her to dinner after the workday to eat at his table at meal time verse 14 says, he said they’re coming into unity the bread and bigger piece of bread and vinegar so she sat beside reapers and he served arose to drain it was satisfied in that somewhat cheating in his table as though she’s part of his household not mistaken.  When is your boss to do for dinner in the eight Antioch air off DeVos having your because he knew you were to run hard times yourself physically is as separated know, in great measure from the culture that you’re within meet the intense racial and national animosity was felt as it is germane smoke and gave his testimony a pocket on asking germane often has one of your white bosses have you over for dinner.  Probably not very much.  Probably not just find this is rare is as peculiar in the but this was more than just your kind invitation is as they a clearer signal a change of status.  She gets to sit with reapers conjecture gets embedded in Rupert launches their when we finally arrived in a major way for a little bit of a smile to crack on to Naomi’s face when you’re finally known to partake of some inhabitants are the encouragement that Naomi begins to have a comes in the next section.  I verses 15 and 16.  It’s becoming clear that Boaz steps of favor to Ruth are starting to emerge and can become obvious to people.  I like a section where it tells us that when she wrote to me in verse 15 was commanded this earth can you see this day and bosses to take you outside and he says and what it is to you at the door the servants and Abbas takes you aside and he says.  He let her glean even among sheets Romans don’t just let her pick up the scraps I want to let her go to be bundled packs and somehow she does that know the letter.  That’s not the way it’s normally done for take and don’t insult or in much to purposely blossoming now likely when you carry a big wanted of the Congress to act the.
&& drop in that folder, and in your thinking I need a thing for her to I mean, enough just to drop some grains of the G5 and the gimme a break wanted what is with Boaz here to his wisdom over the sick and on the so is going out of his way to make sure that that she finds a lot to take home in the easy-going or special treatment is he’s not even were not tells us that she verse 17 this evening in the field until he means you get what you mean it was about if Varley on if I was a dry measurement of 29 pounds.  And I do about enough to Rome and to feed his family on for approximately a week to 10 days.  To this is common to 90 see because it’s abundant the idea is that this is really excessive initiatives knew she came home with her bag full.  She was loaded with the stuff that is wasn’t for enough for that night it was tough for the foreseeable future will and might even more fluid than any of them that either she or Naomi ever had at once in the house.  Anytime before the Senate lacks as he gathers up and she works hard in the evening and she comes home at this load and no wonder the first thing that verse 19 tells us to seize Naomi and Naomi says where did you today, and the more surprising that than you think you were or where to get a work in me.  Good grief not what you’d like a little bag of stuff leakages might not have to go to bed hungry on we got enough that party all are in the world did you get older is Consumer Reports money on a descendent businessman Nemo has no he’s not between his fielding and this is a list of sins and infinitely with you turn home for less than a day.  Sheer members that may can see that it is in Boaz kindness.  Even brings forth the word of hopeful praise from Naomi’s empty depleted moving car checks because I’m God to bless them and she says in verse 20 may he be blessed of the Lord was not withdrawn his kindness to me that no at security much you the God to bless somebody who’s in the faith we’ve got to bless her to call to God bless them and for that in their thoughts go further to use knows that she may as well informed.  Ruth of other motives that could be going on here in succession of the man is a relative is in fact, one of our closest relatives read very innocently responded in a saying verse 2190 cm it’s a close to my servant until they finished all my harvest and he’s been very protective of me.  And he’s taking over Jeremy he’s been very more than fair and it’s amazing verse 22 Naomi.  The season overreached he replies is good and I don’t accept to be looking after you stay close to my a sting at a coffee submit to all applicants and Redeemer provisions shall it be going out yet more than one reason for saying yes, that’s good you stay in his field the wheels are turning withhold it in and Redeemer was supposed to be the closest relative.  And he was close to his Naomi because she’s informing them to know how close you know was is the closest to what you even allow the longtime them” is that it means a lot reminiscent back rollout is the closest relative or not at this point which you use one of them.  And interestingly it turns out before the book is done.  When the day comes that I get to preach to Before they find that there is there is one other fellow, who is closer PS to be consulted first authority this process control reports about where this point even a marriage proposal, because Verizon is that man ends up unable to marry her so that in the long run is no bonus does.  The one who would redeem a household by marrying widow had to first have the right relationship.  And second yet insufficient resources to take care of her.  He had not married to another and then he had that simply last will be available and will do it was in the resources to we don’t know yet if he’s the closest or is willing rivers and thinking about in their shoes is glad that would put food on the table, which is amazed mankind as an at this point in the story.  Et al. were supposed to not little known award goes just yet to put ourselves in a spot at this time reminds me to realize that with closing applications know that the gifts and the point he would come forth from God, should always be a delight to a show is be a surprise in the sense that were surprised that God is good that they shouldn’t be a delightful surprise in that we don’t take them for granted and don’t see ourselves as entitled to them in a sense when we were outsiders who were outside the covenant we were not members of his kingdom, who are a people who had not sought in who he drew their enemies.  When God loved us and said his love is in Christ utterly astonished that there is a hell would be astonished if there is the recompense of the judgment for sin be astonished at his grace.  The astonished his mercy for sinners and that even when we admit our lives and as God has planted mercy for his people.  A line that when God’s plans a mercy begin to go to work they are usually as I said, they generally begin to take shape in the form of restoring you to some passive obedience and often begin their first step obedience begins to be provoked in your heart that you should have been taking up for a while.*that you will all Ruth knows is unknown and result.  I can work, she can’t solve mean to tell them what we do here.  And that’s what it will mean that we can and as she pursues this duty that she is conscious of the Lord changes her whole life.  And most of the time, if miracles so to speak happen in our lives which alter the course of our lives, they generally happen in the path of duty, because we earn them because we bring them on because it’s have these two are his people’s lives.  As a course for rescue usually think of rescue and deliverance by a man of great resources.  Just in closing, he was a member that has Peter puts it, but you’re not redeemed with perishable things like silver or gold from your futile way of life which inherited from your forefathers with precious blood as a lamb unblemished and spotless the blood of Christ be delivered by the son of God makes viewing and I bidders for life and to be delivered by Christ makes this puts us in his debt for service and all our days in a tell.  She saw this became a delight to serve Man Lord horse which are without making her husband, told CNet when communicating comes when the permits we can get them through a creature before

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