The Book of Ruth – 3 of 4 In Series

Part 3 Of A Four Part Study in the Old Testament Book of Ruth

by Dennis Gundersen

Message recorded the morning of 2 July 2000

Grace Bible Church Tulsa

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Well-heeled turn to the book of Ruth a little book of Ruth coming after Joshua and judges and before you begin to get into the history of Samuel and the kings of four chapter book of Ruth do a few months ago a lot of you will remember we have you been to messages on Ruth chapter 100 To meet cover those chapters at that time in the it could not immediately be a long time until we got to cover chapters 3 and 4 wanting to bother us when God is doing something remarkable in and but nobody’s doing this experience will be repeated frequently in your life this week I learned why God caused the let his postponements always have wise reasons, whether we know what they are or not.  I was concerned that the continuity would be lost preaching reform in two months ago en route three and four months later, whatever that would be but by bringing us into first Timothy five during the adult class our where we’re talking about widows and same day bring us through three and four God has designed a better form of continuity than any of us could have dreamed not.  So look for the hand of God in this way is working wants to read Chapter 3, event of the story of Ruth and Naomi the subject of everybody loves this is everybody’s favorite part of the story quickly because it’s so weird that people really like this little night meeting that occurs here and what were to think of it.  What a few of you don’t have the advantage of having her chapter 1 into and sort of some that are very briefly but first let’s read Chapter 3.  Mail me that her mother-in-law said to her my daughter shall I not seek rest for you that it may be well you do is not OS our kinsman refused made you wear behold he widows Marley at the crushing for tonight watch yourself therefore and anoint yourself and put on your best quotes and go down to the crushing for but do not make yourself known to man until he is finished eating and drinking.  It shall be when you live and you shall notice the place where he lives and you shall go and uncover his feet and lie down and he will tell you what you shall do.  She said there are all these say, I will do as you went down to the crushing torrent according to all that her mother-in-law had commanded her.  When Boaz had eaten and drunk in his heart was merry he went to life and the end of the heap of grain.  She came secretly and uncover his feet and weigh down.  It happened in the middle of the night, but the man was startled and bent forward and behold was lying at his feet.  He said, who are you, and she answered, I am Ruth your may so spread you’re covering over your made for you are a close relative.  Then he said, may you be blessed of the Lord, my daughter you have shown your last kindness to be better than the first are not going after young man with a rich or poor.  Now my daughter do not fear I will do for you, whatever US for all my people in the city know that you are a woman effects.  And what is true that I am a close relative.  However, there is a relative closer than remain as night and when morning comes if you will redeem you that let him reading you.  But if he does not wish to reading you than I will redeem you as the Lord lives might have in some way such a way to speed until morning and rose before one could recognize another.  And he said let it not be known that woman came to the crushing for.  Again, he said give me the quote is on you and hold it so she held it and he measured six measures of barley and waited on.  Then she went into the city, and she came to her mother-in-law.  She said how to go my daughter and she told her all that the man had been.  She said the six measures of barley he gave to me for a said to not go back to your mother-in-law empty-handed.  And she said wait, my daughter into you know how to matter.  Turns out, this man will not rest until he has settled it today.  A book entitled the book of Ruth is in many ways more the study initially of Naomi are mother-in-law than it is of Ruth, because in chapter 1 the early verses of chapter 1 tell us about what we do every hasty and rushed introduction into the disintegrating world of a Hebrew woman named Naomi, who essentially heard she and her husband moved to Moab, because there is a famine in Israel and in the time it with a Moab things go very badly.  He has been not her two sons married to Moabite women and men or two sons that any wonder that it must go through that and wonder at some point whether God was dealing with us because of our sins, should we’ve never come here was this a wrong step to mingle with these people.  My sons of married foreign women which we’re not supposed to do questions and regrets and second guesses in but the day comes when Naomi decides to return to Israel.  She goes back years of pass in the soul story.  She may as well go back, she has a whole news that the Lord is growing crops there again and so there’s no reason to stay in a Moab.  But she doesn’t even expect a blessing for herself when she goes back to her daughter-in-law says all that with you, that famous remember that most famous lines as the perhaps not real well acquainted with each book of scripture the famous lines of the truth to her that where you go I will go where you are very I will be very more you hear people will be my people.  That’s from this book, but their miscarriages reason going whether she says got anything on a hopeless life ahead of me.  My life shows every market being under the curse of God.  Why hang around me.  I’ve got nothing to offer but trouble, and Ruth decides nonetheless, she commits a crime will go where you go.  I’m going to stay with him and so they do return together and upon her return is this is Naomi new hope will not at all she comes back into town as a pitifully helpless woman all of her words in her demeanor showed images loaded with the spirit of that he comes to town and her name meant joy and she gets an able to enjoy entities is the only do on the grief.  I’m not the son of a name change.  And what about the grief I left her I was full of July, but my life is a disgrace; blessed life out of it and when is asked to did this uses the Lord did this in my life.  Partially, I think there’s a mixture there anytime someone a believer speaks like that in these circumstances on the one hand, it is a measure of bitterness and hopelessness that long and is a measure of reality of accidents in the province of God, we might’ve made to believe that choice is, what a witch in your lives.  The worst part is that she is used for hope in a war that has been.  And she is not able to recognize as verse 22 of chapter 1 says that the very timing of her arrival is at the end of the early parts.  A hint that the author gives that something is going that is going to be a harvest of some good things in into chapter 2, which told us about the admirable character of this daughter-in-law and returns alongside her hopeless mother-in-law Naomi and it still does not seem to be infected by Naomi’s hopelessness but she rolled up their sleeves to do with got to be done is if somebody got support his family on the good work in a security mother-in-law were sort of visible, but they carefully get out and work for both of us.  And you know Richard Baxter the Puritan used to say at times when giving counsel and guidance to people that when you don’t know what to do be facing a new situation and you just don’t know what to do first do the duty.  That is nearest you and that is most apparent in the next step will soon become clear, as do the duty to get it is one thing Indonesia do it in a way, or to see what comes next.  Ruth did not sit around and speculate as to why God had not last for family airline was so miserable.  Or at least if she did think about it distracted wondering what had begun as for the trait that made her an outstanding women.  She’s a stranger in this land to the mobile.  She looked confidence in so many presumed on any special treatment to get right to work.  Work available for us to be very much like a very wealthy and prosperous woman moving in from somewhere far off is going to work it out for janitorial service cleaning toilets and it’s all it does is the way on that supports.  And it’s all about it is going to be awkward and in verse four of chapter 2 introduces a man named Bo as he is a relative and that the author of this book approaches such a master of literature euro at understand part of the reason I’m sure that the Jews were so enthused about this book is that it is such a masterful piece of literature introduces a stunning Boaz in her first him as a relative.  Very soon to Naomi and every Hebrew reader knows immediately what that means.  Or as a know it means, which is known about it and am it is anointed on yet according to Deuteronomy 25 and a lot that the Jews were given he was in a position to marry her and restored to her life.  And he is a crime in this kind as soon become so pronounced that it starts to show that now he might just be getting kind of interested in this girl is generous of her charity is very protective of her file of this route is quite florid she feels like it you don’t owe anything to me.  I feel no sense of entitlement to your favorite here well.  Alas reveals these very kind to her because of her kindness and the only and this has made everyone he seceded your woman of outstanding character.  And so this wealthy man who permits her to glean in his fields now invites are in his whole that is able for dinner and pretty soon the service are laughing because it is only other services you.  When she got a gleaming in the field want to just drop some of us that the Cuban harvesting so that all he rose and then she gets a lot of glean.  So it went whenever you’re gathering that bundles are as system is inadvertently cut drop a few more.  So that she gathers up a lot more herself in one night he takes home so much of our Lady amount of it is enough that harvest worker could have sold it for a half months wages and Naomi is amazed at what she brings home and says he to glean so much as Gleaner Judas was to pick up scraps and she’s coming home with just a note boatloads of this and you’re calling like a farmer going to market and Ruth explains why I met this man is is a very nice is that of the and as soon as that name comes out.  And we have some simple restore Hope begins to come back she knows the name of the let us.  She knows something about the truth is not this is a man who could make all the difference is a kinsman.  He can be deemed her PC according to this law.  The closest first of all the brother of her deceased husband was supposed to marry and bring forth children without like to make sure that that brother’s name did not perish from the earth.  And if you wouldn’t do and have another.  The Jews have extended this to understand that even if there were not brothers that a close male relative to take up the situation.  Once again, it brings out the concept of a provision that we were studying in our earlier our is not a brother.  So the strength of the duty does not fall on him but he is related to intellect and somewhat probably at present.  A relative, and it is could be a very benevolent and great men and due to its is a chapter 2 in verse 23 thumbs up by pointing out that Ruth did what Naomi told her well associates and want you to stay close to Boaz and keep working in his fields and she did at all the while that is faithfulness of Ruth and her task doing what she needed to be done on doing as far as I was working in the skies field, meaning I can select a product for my mother-in-law.  And I and the all of this brings up a remarkable truth of God moves in serious ways that we are so often not aware and even when you think that all that’s happening around you is a curse you could be prized at the blessings God authority planning for you in that God has his glory and you are good in mind.  Even at the lowest line of markets and yes, even when you can look at and say probably or possibly at least my sins partially got me into this mess and Ruth three and four will show the savagery is without precedent and he was a woman, who have lost hope, and frequently hopeless people C-SPAN vision they cease to seek ways in which to glorify God.  They often cannot be persuaded to work diligently and nobly towards worthwhile goals, and he was like that nasty has help restore and the first thing that you see what Naomi has a restored his she starts to think again about, what can we do to make something good as she starts to scheme to talk first about Naomi Spock announced that was a breeze to chapters 1 to bring you up to speed now and start moving more slowly after three verse one begins Naomi Spock for Ruth when she says Naomi her mother-in-law said there might not or shall I not see progress review or security for your good work there, but maybe well with you now by security or as they are to go back and look at chapter 1 verse nine.  Naomi wishes for her daughter daughters-in-law not only Ruth but another daughter-in-law.  That was very more about the time did not return with her.  She wishes to the May the Lord grant that each of you may find rest each in the house of her husband.  And she kissed him with the voices and let this was when she was thanks in the lab.  God bless you, I hope you find a good husband your July come back with me, because a personal moment.  But I think I did you rest in as her husband, phrase she uses her chapter 3 verse one shall not seek rest for you.  She sang should not do something out if it has been my scheme a little bit to make something work out your Naomi is old enough to settle likely on the idea of being in a probably a perpetual widow, but she would not wish that for her younger daughter-in-law gender stands.  The spirit of what we find a person is defined when the apostle Paul says I will let the younger widows remapping Naomi wills that this younger widow route remarries and for that she has a strategy.  And she breaks up in the news is and this man that you’ve been working for me tell you about this believe in working for his been so very common verse to know is not Boaz are kinsman with who’s made you wear these are kinsman as if all the plant.  You don’t barley at the thrashing floor tonight, each and this is such a interesting moment in the whole story, because earlier like them in pointing out we didn’t find Naomi strategizing divine blessings for Ruth we define her scheming about somewhat less Ruth when Ruth talk about being the first is that a not ready gone it alone you say Moab is leave me alone on cursed at by what I do for you, but when you begin to get practical in the hand of the Lord often we can see the weakest people will participate in a blessing of the worst effects of depression in people as they cease to be purposeful plan to look for a good unexpectedly in the future but now he’s thinking about this and Boaz entrance into their lives and the fact that kind provision of God to come to him.  I is a focus as he tells Ruth dress yourself a good look at verse three watch yourself therefore not yourself.  Put on your best quotes get yourself pretty to against men’s attention know.  You get yourself looking real good in that it evident to the thrashing floor where he is.  You were in a glorious weeks in a barn where they gather in the barley.  And when he goes to sleep in there you lie down, just down there by his it sounds like something you would object to your direct and character into a way of getting to know a young man cannot do not write to me.  So that’s why I’m there I is the calling of the covers a little bit that is the one that is, if that was not enough to come up and in that way and he will tell you what you shall do I guess he went all in a what might that be.  So well as you read this you cannot no one can be blamed, you might as Naomi in all and what is this supposed to lead to where we don’t hear what the president testimony in a snow net daily does not say to entice them know that this is the will to you what you should do their it very clear that that Naomi would not encourage Ruth immorality with the stupid woman be urged to read about what Naomi is doing is every bizarre way that seems so strange — he’s encouraging and promoting a method of marriage proposal very peculiar method of marriage proposal.  Why not just tell preferred that you just take a walk in the afternoon to talk about it.  Think of all that could go longer, what if the last thinks is wrongly it’s as though she’s advancing sinfully in some way he would turn and you were with intent to take if you’re not dare you.  What if he feels tempted and succumbs worse yet is Naomi designing with that in mind open to admit it was a government it will all get out and down at all to the author of this book he writes in a style that is his motive with mystery is the last of the Iraqi holds that all kinds of little details that you wish you would tell us to keep us moving on and discounted airline ushering you want to go the author seems to get to the next not present you with a curious questions is driving us to the end of what God is doing regardless of what people are doing each step of the way.  It is in step with his approval it is in step with disapproval perhaps out of kindness to Naomi doesn’t comment on the act if it was a dumb idea the author generously leaves that judgment for others to make a little Ruth, you know she would just follow the son of distrust and they only choose a new culture she doesn’t know what to do here in these ways in Israel, and she probably assumed that this was along the lines of some on Jewish traditions if I was through with this.  You blame your kids are following through with his you know better than a romantic tradition like this here that the chance results that will do and she goes down and the Illinois roots approach starting in verse six as he went down.  The thrashing floor and get according all their mother in law and Commander that’s the summary statement and then it tells us what that lots of other you to get the bright idea crazy Lockyer elsewhere here were not to initiate this midnight encounter initiated by good woman.  She comes in much the covers off to speed a little bit.  She lays bare probably kind of no like this are untimely tumor something in the bonus wakes up in as a woman lying at my feet is hasn’t happened before, who are you to be as before he startled and Ruth says all that Naomi told in saying she adds these words in verse nine it appears with your mates and spread your covering over your made for you are close relatives in Apache it until.  Just me and know what to do next and you should follow his direction from that point out, for reasons on the show in a moment as we go on to this and perfectly as we get into it tonight’s message as well these words of Ruth are probably nothing less than a very unique manner of making a feminine marriage proposal.  She’s not asking for his blanket.  Thanks for your covering over me is more to it than the blanket.  She’s asking for his leadership is authority is headship is perfection is covering it for use in that way at times.  She’s asking to be entered into the protected relation of a lot.  She is suggesting that you are in the position of that close relatives.  You can take care of me, if you want to.  I would like that, but you’re what, what would you say your we are midnight CSS miniature feet and gone through all of this is clear to say the least OS did not expect to have a young woman proposed him in marriage and second anonymous matter in this matter how he takes this is the be entirely based on his estimate of her character what he has seen her up to this moment in the best comment we can make about this is you do, it don’t ever feel the need as you read this you don’t you’ll need either justify this act were condemning all we can say is that yes it was a surprise because he was quite surprised.  But it probably for reasons we don’t understand would not have appeared as badly then as it does to us now.  It’s illegal construction which it is a rebuke was clear she was not a loose woman key phrase is spread your covering over your mate in Ezekiel Chapter 16 remember that place in the Poppy Z. Kilburn got described Israel as a 880 and was squirming in its own blood of elite is tossed out in the field and disregarded by everyone that that’s what you Israel were like, I found pieces that came in June to peer review and clean you up and all that is meant when he matured and reached an age to be a mature woman.  As I spread my spirit over human entered into covenant with you and you became my life that phrase spread your skirt there is probably the only other place in the Old Testament that this exact phrase that she requests of him is used.  Further the Hebrew word for skirt and go back to chapter 2 verse 12.  Very interesting comparison here, considering that she asked him, would you please, spread your skirt over me and protecting in this way.  One chapter 2 verse 12 when he is praising Ruth when Boaz is having a conversation on the field with Ruth and he asked her, my Lord reward your work and your wages be full and the Lord God of Israel under his wings you have come to seek refuge in whether the wings as for skirt in the next passage in the concept biblically the Hebrew peoples of wings that was a similar protection and power like the mother eagle sprinklings to cover her babies.  It very much as though she was saying him, you know, you do you say to me yesterday that if I was a high a woman the praise because I came to this land seeking the strong protection of the wings of God will come in and remind you of your God’s own law and ask you for your means of protection over me guess I’ve come seeking refuge under God things.  But you’ve been here, and you have that protective power and is currently a law that so here I am all of this may solve or some of why Naomi and Ruth were bold enough to take this step.  I believe it probably read into Boaz earlier actions and words all of his tremendous kindness to her a little testing the waters invitation to possibly consider in is a bit older than her appears from the whole account in its it’s not that easy for a much older man.  Tell up considerably younger woman that he might like to post her and have her marriage really is older because he keeps calling or do you go to the passages constantly calling her daughter was in color sister, because he keeps giving her credit for not being one who has chased after the young men younger than she probably Hernandez has been the brother or nearly thousands of solo.  I believe this is her subtle invitation to his statement to know.  I could step under your wing.  I could come under your protection, even acting like the provider and protector.  Yet even that linger it is stable, all of response comes while what would you say what to do you handle the moment with surprising, is to pass through his response quickly notice a few things first immersed in the glasses are for this kindness when he says, may you be blessed to the Lord, my daughter your show and did this last kindness to be greater in the first by not knowing at the young man with a poor rich as he had praised her for her kindness before that Naomi not only an even find this old woman Naomi and come back here and there but now you’re even kind and it is all men by actually offering to marry me of instead of chasing after younger men, which everybody would expect somebody.  His this proposal is our country at a second applies in verse 11 that he is willing.  Now my daughter do not fear I will do for you whatever you ask in all my people in the city know that you are a woman asked to point out months ago in preached on the section is the only place where someone is called an excellent woman of the kind we have described problems 31 center is an excellent woman I turn you you’re the best everyone knows that I will make you my own but you just know there’s always a snag in a you present a possible snag verse 12.  He says it is true that I am a close relative.  However.  There is a relative post about all who hears it and we want to no really like this whole thing with going well, remain missing it.  And when morning comes if you will redeem you good looking review but if he does not wish to review that I will read as the Lord lives like a family what’s going on here is this guy with incredible self-control.  He actually tells her knowing that he’s an excellent woman want to her life himself says he is in a public park, which is what convinces me that he probably was a cousin because that is, what was probably the brother, preceding his right and everyone is it doesn’t matter that detail is not given to pieces have been asking first the lockout falls to him and others choice in the way to morning.  And as you and I can do it.  Here you are, you know how to marry you, you want to marry me were in the barn alone in total privacy nobody knows your hero and the desire to be met the middle of the night and the shining a man.  And everybody stays pure business beautiful mistake, remember that all those factors present themselves to you young people in college who you are winding streets features you can postpone on his desires to do anything he wants so they can investigate what is the right thing to do in keeping with the word of God.  That’s what you were that kind of principled living.  You can get this done right to your it is that she seen as they were probably for safety when he says remain this night I went walking back to middle and it something that happened all of the servants are a good man, which in the early morning procuring sake of that makes very clear his statement about this universe 14 let it not be known that the woman came rushing for a road is an issue that before people can recognize when a girl early in the morning.  Early that there would’ve been others who wouldn’t have been a good interpretation on this on biblical characters held at moments like this that night we find many of them instilled early in the morning to leave she gets out of there and do not cause suspicion.  When it do no wrong songs all.  It is hilarious as of the spirit of God tells us until he is a people read ever since.  Not a hilarious contrast is hidden at night, so nobody is not of this world.  Centuries later, he went at it and anything for a little while Arleigh again, as Miles Annan.  Give me the quote is it basically says the media that outer garment you weren’t expecting as he hangs out in Portland are without a parent at home.  I was probably his way of sending a message that and only that he truth in it if you know what I’m glad the Brady Center lets you in a blessing we talk about, which leads into tonight in the waiting part because verse 16 she comes to her mother-in-law and a Naomi her mother-in-law, I got an outcome and an equal he told Naomi everything men in her ever.  It is partly in her words verse 18, she said late my daughter into you know how the matter turns out the man will not rest.  So today, in many matters, you know what we have done all we can all that God permits us to do everything we know to do in the left with families were probably devoutly on the Lord.  And we can’t wait here I come to the city as the degree to Marinucci story of another no doubt tell the story that is another man in first line of duty here in this must’ve been a surprise to Naomi because she and away for so long she she didn’t know anything about this, who is the Son of Man is it good man Mike Boaz and is yet free for what kind of guy that what we don’t know what amounted to so terrible it is the real snag in the solving as he says in a I’m confident that he will not relax until you settle this thing is exactly right, because chapter 4 verse one says that the list as he got up the next day and got to business and he started asking questions and finding out the piracy outcome of that going to get back your night and see how this goes a member these things believe in poverty are disadvantages of great affliction cannot hide your virtues if you have roots were very obvious regardless of the disadvantages position will never blame your circumstances are difficulties for problems or property as though they forced you to choices that were not righteous because many people in very bad circumstances have made very godly choices not gotten folks in every walk of society thinking for being an educated been unemployed being abused being disadvantaged being widowed being displaced any of that.  It’s got it all jewel, and for all of us when we got something immediately can do or what we’ve done the one little thing that we know to do and what is stuck there at ground zero and don’t know where else to go with all that times when maturity.  Is any hope of our maturing Lord we’ve got to learn to wait on the Lord for the meantime.  As Baxter said when you don’t know what to do well do that beauty, which is most obvious in something become apparent that we come back tonight for going to learn and see more about how marriage is even a picture of our Lord Jesus Christ and his relationship to the church and how that shines through in so many biblical pictures of marriage.  We all need a redeem livestock empty without him not greatest need of provision is not meant.  We will both be forgotten and deprived utterly lost if we try to save our own lives.  Rather than lose them while giving those lives to him.  When the light is given in its possessor is a Mets something that is pictured here about Christ and the church will see that

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