The Book of Ruth – 4 of 4 In Series

Part 4 Of A Four Part Study in the Old Testament Book of Ruth

by Dennis Gundersen

Message recorded the evening of 2 July 2000

Grace Bible Church Tulsa

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Ruth – Message 4
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For the book of chapter 4 of the main lesson of this book of Ruth I believe all else is this a God is at work for his glory and for your good for his people good.  Even know that it's frequently not apparent on the surface of things.  We have to get used to that.  And we have to understand and accept the fact that it is not always going to be evidence you are very weak and the undiscerning senses that this is the case is not going to be an immediately evident in how he is working for is not going to be immediately evident how this is bringing in glory and atrocity been and when you look at it in the things that I don't think this is that is the day that the of the most important passage to me in that regard has often been named one where he tells us that the testing of our faith produces endurance and a more than one cycle that's what we don't know what it is doing a lot ignoring has long as you're still professing to be a Christian young turn away from larger than this without your learning to endure and according to James that has value in itself going to hang onto God continue in the faith despite the fact it has and doesn't make it all.  It is easy, the life of the godly is not a street in casual line to glory and to joy.  But we do get there, he does bring us there in time, and he is always working for his glory and for our good.  Even though that is not immediately there are many setbacks and as we come to Ruth Chapter 4 we need yet another setback in this chapter. 

The other secondary lesson, I think that stands out in the book of Ruth and are making a mistake in it I want to say this morning.  It's a delight that I have far fewer notes and considerably more relaxed time, because there aren't as many of the things that we are an impressive service receiving some of the things I intended as it is when we said that I secondary outstanding lesson of the book of Ruth, has to be the lesson of Romans 15 verse one win at all tells us that we were strong ought to bear the weaknesses of those without strength and not just please ourselves.  Each of us is to please his neighbor for his visit to his edification or even Christ did not please himself as it is written the reproaches of those who reproached you fell upon me.  The lesson that secondary lesson being that the strong must always consider it their responsibility to take care of the needy to provide foreign to be a blessing to the week.  Romans 15 verse for the very next verse in that section tells us that whatever was written in earlier times was written for our instructions of the perseverance and through the encouragement of the Scriptures.  We might have hoped hoped is such an indispensable element talk about loudly preface Chapter 4 hope is such an indispensable element to a healthy Christian law.  I've heard hope defined by theologians who are are wiser than myself.  Not far of this definition so many times, I don't even know who it originated with all essentially spiritually speaking has to do with a confidence of a good and blessed future, a certainty that the faith that I have entrusted to God gives me confidence that God intends to give me a blessing in the future.  I have good reason, I have sound basis to expect a good future.  John tells us the first time 33 after speaking about our looking to Christ to return again and be a certainty that we hold about the fact that we are now the children of God and yet it is not yet appeared what we shall be we know that when he appears will be like him, because then we'll see him as he is.  And then he said everyone who has this all fixed on him terrifies himself.  Even as he is pure everyone who looks to the return of our Lord and has that certainty that the cost is coming for me.  He is going to transform my mortal life to be like the body of his glory is not a lead me as I am aren't you tired of that being left as you are.  He is going to transform us that we are not going to struggle with sin anymore and he says.  People who have that all are willing to lever toward sanctification, because there's a reason to do so make sure find themselves is the motivation of that we saw in the prayer that Charles class through a couple of weeks ago in Ephesians 118 what was one of the things that the apostle Paul taught us that he prayed for a city pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightens of you will know.  It is the hope of his call. 

It's important that you understand hope that you have got to understand that many of our problems in stirring you to seek holiness will resolve themselves because he will have a great deal of personal motivation to pursue holiness as you see the hopefulness in the book of Hebrews chapter 6 apportionment of his own to reach and tells us that it is very hope we have as an anchor of the soul a hope both sure and steadfast than one which enters into the veil were Jesus has entered as a forerunner for us.  His anchors us all to know that we are united with Christ, who has already been accepted into heavenly places, and so it is certain that we being in him will also be accepted and so who cares what the the Jewish people around us and having mock us and say what you don't have a Temple and you do you have a preset unit is a matter not a religion is only more valuable things that are important to us than you have any sense what we know that a priest authority except that heaven is anchor Russell as we can tell us later in that same book called as the confession of our hope without wavering because he who promises his people.  It's brought up in so many places in the New Testament second Thessalonians 216 where Paul blesses the church they're saying that may our Lord Jesus Christ himself and God our father who has lived and loved us and giving us eternal comfort and hope by grace, comfort and strengthen your hearts in every good work and were to be strengthened to do good works to be strengthened to continue to pass on the word of God, must be motivated by all critical even by God's grace. 

The righteous are described by the apostles frequently is not those who only have a faith in God but who hope in a scene verse 25 or even a widow used as a widow indeed who's been left alone as one who is fixed or whole.  In God, any expectations she asked for good in her future of based promises of God.  When we meet setbacks.  When they only evaluated her husband's choice to move into mobile e-mail me saw her husbands marry or his or her sons marry Moabite women in her sons died and left her with only Moabite daughters-in-law.  They were many causes of hopelessness and Naomi is using cherished ethical as they returned to Israel and God begins to work providentially in her family's behalf, giving her daughter in law tweaks to accomplish it mean in the fields and bring in a subsistence living in what was expected to be merely a subsistence living turns into a rather prosperous living as this daughter-in-law is bringing home great halls of the house, giving them more than enough to eat and some leftover that they probably were able to pass on.  Perhaps even sell, as she discovers that a man her daughter and was working for is an is Boaz.  A relative of the family filter Deuteronomy chapter 25 out and do something about that but I did not have time to elaborate on this morning.  I told you that there was a lot of pertain to the Jews concerning the brothers of the deceased husband, a widow to growing 25 in verse five describes in a sweat tells us one brothers live together in one of them dies and has no son is exactly the case with Ruth and her husband may want they want to die to have a child.  The life of the deceased shall not be married outside the family to a strange man, her husband's brother shall go into her and take her to himself as life and perform the duty of a husband's brother or it shall be that the first one whom she bears shall assume the name of his dead brother.  So that his name will not be blotted out from Israel is very important to do so that his name not be we want this man to continue to have a church that a man does not desire to take his brother's wife and his brother's wife shall go up to the gate to the elders and say.  My husband's brother refuses to establish a name for his brother in Israel he is not willing to perform the duty of a husband's brother to me than the elders of the city shall summon him speak them.  Obviously intended to persuade him to do so at a persistence as I do not desire to take her in his brother's wife shall come to him in the side of the elders and pull his sandal office, but and spit in his face and she shall declare.  Thus it is than the man who does not build up his brother's house in Israel his name shall be called House & was removed as some of the sounds that are about removing sandal and so on another.  Some of the humor of it slips away when he realized this man is not punished in ways that other transgressors were in the logon he was not told because you've not elevate his command of God must die because you not abate his command about this or that they spit in his face isn't as a gesture her command ashamed at.  You can live but you're disgusting directly into the one on a human way except that the memory of you makes us. 

What is exactly the line here and what's with the sandal is ever noticed and Olympic it on and at that point as a gesture to be very simplistic.  I can't explain it thoroughly and I haven't seen, get understanding early but obviously in their case, what we know that it was a way of ripping up a contract that someone should feel obliged to insane.  You have shown contempt for this contract by thinking that she will win was essentially listing you know your life this.  You're not willing to walk, and it was a very meaningful gesture at that time.  When we reach this story of Boaz and Ruth and understand the principle that the strong and powerful and capable should consider their responsibility the caretaker of the week in the media all the contacts that the Lord has given us the last couple weeks understand Ministry to widows and where a widow really found herself in those days, or inability to provide for herself back.  Century America our 21st-century American teachers can go out and demanded Jonathan I should be treated like a man and paid the same as nonsense like thatwas no such thing of note, with decent jobs offered to net culture.  And we see at this point there, while Boaz recognizes there is a wonderful woman and a delightful woman up in a person that would be an honor to marry.  If there is still even more than self-interest and go as part of his points he recognizes that he stepping in to take care and be a, who's going to be destitute without and he becomes a model for everything we've been talking about it first and if in fact to look at another way of a huge part of Boaz admiration for route is because she was practicing or so, what we have read about in person at the five because if there were Paul says in verse 16 and if anyone has widows in her family, let her take care of them and she was doing exactly that he was taking care of her mother-in-law and for that reason primarily blessed with everybody knows you are an outstanding what you're that's it in our country you come back here to live somewhere where you might well be despised by the majority of the people look down your nose his tendencies of the Jews at all Gentile aliens that move in a moment or look at tonight primarily as a like a three-part outline here that Ruth wanted reflected in Ruth the life.  I cannot chapter 4.  So you could also look at a few other ways in the last perspective as read the chapter first of it to start from chapter 4.  It is redundant in verse 15 noble as one up to the gate and sat down there.  And behold a close relative of condolence book was passing by, Phillies it was my friend and sit down here in Amman turned aside and said that he took 10 men of the elders of the city and he said to them sit down here so they set them.  Then he said to that closest relative may only who has come back from the land of no has to sell the piece of land which belonged to her brother when the to line out to inform you saying by it before those who are sitting here and before the elders of my people.  If you will redeem it reading it but if not tell me that I may know there is no one but you to redeem it and I am after you and he said, that is a man OS was asking I will redeem it nonetheless said on the day you buying the field in the hand of Naomi you must also acquire Ruth the Moabites is the widow of the deceased. 

In order to raise up the name of the deceased on his inheritance that closest relatives said.  I cannot redeem it for myself because I would jeopardize my own inheritance reading it for yourself.  You may have my right of redemption for I cannot redeem it.  And this was the custom in former times in Israel concerning the redemption the exchange of land to confirm any matter.  A man removed his sandal and give it to another and this was the manner of attestation.  We might say contractor was a shame in Israel.  So that closest relatives said the Boaz client for yourself and he removed his sandal and the less said that the elders and to all the people.  You are witnesses today, the iPod from the hand of Naomi all that belonged to intellect and all that belonged to Chile on and they want more elaborate acquire Ruth Moabite is the widow of May want to be my wife in order to raise up the name of the deceased on his inheritance.  So that the name of the deceased will not be caught and his brothers were from the port of his birthplace.  You are witnesses today all the people who were in the court and the elders said we are witnesses, may the Lord make the woman who is coming into your home like Rachel and we (built the house of Israel.  And that you achieve well in Opera and become famous in Bethlehem over Mayor has to be like the house of Perez who cannot or did you do for the off spring, which the Lord will give you buy this young woman.  Simple as that Ruth and she became his wife and he went in to her and the Lord enabled her to conceive and she gave birth to a son and women said the Naomi blessed is the Lord was not left you without Redeemer today and may his name become famous in Israel, may also be you a restore of life in the sustainer of your old age.  For your daughter-in-law who loves you, and his better review than seven sons has given birth to a stock-for-stock Ruth being wanted cheese why Bible as he wants her for is what he's willing to accept the tender proposal that she made him into buying last night. 

So he pursues this legal deal with the next of kin, and he shows tremendous integrity and his manner of handling this.  Probably at least an important leader in the city himself.  Possibly even one of the elders of the city himself.  He nonetheless first find this man it tells us in verse one and he locates the man who has the prior right to Ruth and requests of him some time… damn that he locates and elders.  A decision can be made with the best and most reliable of witnesses said and what may we've got something to talk about a wider effects and so they all said that.  Now of course on the one hand, you know it wickedness in the worst possible outcome that we can imagine is that Ruth is still going to obtain-and that is not so bad but still a tremendous blessing for, unless there is something very wretched about the man that Boaz is speaking to, which were not told about, but you know what one of the most wonderful parts of this book of Ruth is that it is in the fellow is just a terrific by noting that he said that each of the following would just be a wonderful husband relatives.  None of which were told it if you make a great provider for route.  The author has taken great pains to emotionally involved as an on a to do I see no and I are coming as it seemed like a match made in heaven, and it does make the story and so well and so we don't want to see that you feel like saying the end is in on the economic program is that this works out the way we wanted to time you're going to feel that way.  And when you need to handle matters righteously as to postpone.  We want you to look up is what it looks like these God is what seemed like an honor to do this way and so you're tempted to manipulate things to make it happen this way, and his handling management righteous manner creates human eggs.  Now you have something you want to do for the end you get on your way to do it in MS. 

You know that which you purpose to do for God might be prevented or even canceled you know, because as you're on your way there some other people who are serving God purposes in their life because they were carried around in front of you for a while.  And you can get through innately human up to take what you want it to a file dating venue submitted to righteousness was appropriate and even the fact that you have a calling from God doesn't permit you to run roadblocks like it was sometime cruise movie began to see that Boaz the he doesn't run roadblocks.  He doesn't jump over them with magical car as it is in against DeLay is doing.  He desires this woman she's a virtuous woman everyone agrees this makes her the kind of woman of Proverbs 30 one cents for prices far above rubies.  And yet this has to be done right is a powerful man it was thinks he can pay people often get there so many ways you can handle this even being an important man to whom no doubt others had come for judgment.  He will not stand to be the judge alone in a case that holds his wishes and interests at stake, but desires the concurrence of the relevancy of a subject for them let's talk about this together as a righteously.  So with scientists what he finds that close relative.  The one of whom he told Ruth.  There is a kinsman who is nearby get directly up at verse.  We are not told the man's name have to wonder, you know that that have to the Lord is messenger here, the historian to record of this has chosen not to record it.  So that there is not shame it on a man for choosing not to see fruit that's what or perhaps his name or more typically in Jewish tradition his name is not recorded and ignored to bring shame upon the absence of his mention in that it ceases to be named because he would not the group is likely to what we don't know if they Boaz.  He is why you manipulator, but he's a sharp that it.  It is to demand that they know when you relative and you're the closest ones I thought it wise to ask you first need a relative who can buy for Naomi some land up for the we learned for the first time that Naomi had some property.  Now I see we have heard about this before, domestic battery that the chapter the author tells us something that we actually know that knowledge of the four that would've made the story a lot more media may be less interesting.  But more well-informed, but he keeps us reading on my documents or information while you learn that Naomi had some property sheet may not have even known that she had property or it was not relevant to know if she did know because he had no means to restore it herself.  Will probably you're talking about it they wouldn't get a property in Moab, and the only thing that makes sense is that what talking about some track of land that she and her husband when the lack and had before they left him a lot of years before nearly probably had more to do somebody does for money for their security fruit or something, and and now they would have this land combat into the family full.  To quote another law that pertained to the Jewish people.  It tells us in Leviticus 25 that if a fellow countrymen of yours becomes so poor that he has to sell a portion of his property than his nearest king kinsman is to come and buy back what is relative.  And so that's the law that Boaz is operating on this case becomes the nearest incidents that she has had to sell the stock shed more to get something and so we need you to buy back an end of verse voices a willingness to do this.  He has the means he is willing to see himself as in the role of imitating the God who has all things and all things not in order to order selfishly it for himself but lacks is created not because he needed anything but let's as man's going to be a blessing if you don't do it.  But there is a complex the Boaz saves the best part for laughs to be entitled to this land is the verse five he says all the data to buy the field.  You have to also know that a joint deal you get through.  You have to take en route to mobilize his widow.  She becomes your life you will be responsible to raise a heritage of children to our deceased brother may want to husband who is as it doesn't say for sure that this man was the son a man was a little extra brother is caught in a Boaz refers to our brother a little lacking verse three that even when speaking of more than just a brother in the flesh, and it was understood among the Jews that this law applied to more than just a wider circle than just the blood Brothers raised in the same family the circle of those expected to take responsibility for such a widow was considered quite large in many cases.  Certainly because it's this factor well, I'll Ruth to and that changes everything for this year's end will know.  Thank you.  Thank you very much for no think I was interested in the land at the you know, I don't think so I can't do that, he says it would jeopardize my inheritance to do so, what was the risk, but it will jeopardize my my inheritance verse six.  It is that there are a lot of potential easier already married, and did not want the conflict of another life in the obvious complexities of that jealousies. 

The additional children that this would mean to divide the estate of Mono.  He didn't want to risk of being attacked in name to a woman from the lab.  That might not be too good for the reputation or for women like her from the web to be a disgrace or for not knowing her well enough to trust your that he could sense that I might be jeopardizing my inheritance here because or without notice to you who knows whatever the reason is not revealed to jeopardize his inheritance to our imaginary is a bit.  You tell the version of this chapter says in paraphrase that he had another wife that he did not want to have striving lives, would jeopardize so the right of redemption is turned over now to go as he tells the man I cannot redeem it to redeem it yourself.  You go ahead and buy for yourself instead signing a contract about this he gives issue into the other man makes obvious is the other men in the presence of many or it is transfer I am not going to accept my right in this case, you may have their own salt and elders to the fact that Iraq that's the point of Ruth wanted now are going to see related Boaz speaks first now if we can proceed towards the marriage.  Very interesting that he, he sets up his contract himself, which is in effect their wedding without even the present in a bentonite embedded in the metro it and can notify I am right about that one the at the city gates today than deal no in that gray well worth your knows what she wants Yorty as though she'd been clear about that.  It is essentially what he does is about like going to get the wedding license and that completing the whole matter making illegal in our merit later ceremony is being a public show of what's already happened.  Here they are married, it tells us verse one OS said the elders verse nine look at OS X into the elders of the people you are witnesses today that I've blocked from the hand of Naomi.  All that belong to a little economical on the Giuliana may want.  Moreover, I have acquired route the Moabite is the widow of May want to be my wife in order to raise up the name of the deceased on his inheritance of the name of the deceased, what about the others are from the port of his birthplace.  You are witnesses today.  He's become a because so certainly out of love for the woman but in spirit and in his words because the civil sense of duty to use a wealthy man who uses his considerable resources to do the it's a lot like Ephesians 4 someone raised the question this morning, a member you exactly how the question was phrased in all rights Ephesians 4 that we instructs the former Gentile man who is now a member of the church at Ephesus know the ones who stole among you steal no longer but rather work with his hands on his good.  The they provide for himself and for the one at Salina give generously to others for what is not what what is our wealth for and his temporal world to bless our neighbor do good to them that way and yet he is getting a greater blessing because while you know how it's enriches our good inheritance from father is a proverb says.  The same proverb says a good wife a prudent life is a gift from and it feels like to have no unbiased and land.  Some money, but man what a gift on gay and getting a gift from God to good of the was a blessing on evidences that take all this is a to Hebrew blessing it says it so cute.  You can't stand it, ladies Hebrew people are held at verse 11.  It have a blessing, loaded with Hebrew talk.  We are witnesses may Lord make the woman coming in your house like Rachel and we'll both of whom built the house of Israel a written originally children.  They really built a house of Israel were a little nation they helped us get a good start to make it a big nation that your life be like that.  And that you achieve will confront them and become famous in Bethlehem was the prayer for your prosperity from one end of this little kingdom of our to the other men.  I just really like this will be your house be like a house of prayer is completing one of work to do to the offspring which the Lord shall be by the time you wanted to bring that dirty story a you know that story in a desperate that it was not a pretty one male is not a nice story in the foot by Taymor and children as it and in Genesis 38 it's not the greatest moment of nobility in Hebrew history and it just seems to be another hint at the thought of even our sins and stupidity and we do things in ways that should have been done a blessing of God often in great responses. 

It's a convincing moments that they should bring this up much of the story is intended to show the point.  Even poor decisions at one stage of life bad choices that on stage of life.  They are not the end when we walk is not a God who brought good out of evil he evil intent and the story of Joseph.  He still does all this was a prayer that God will bless them with numerous children, and noticed this at Senate and the Lord make the woman mature bearing like Rachel in the your people shall be my people.  In that statement for you, though, I will go out all your and your people will be my people.  She made that commitment, not knowing whether she would be welcomed among families people are not treated as an outcast.  I'm sure there's a possibility that Naomi shared with her some of the exclusivist pride and prejudice and nationalistic pride of her people.  You might despise you and maybe you may wish he would stay here in the lab out your people will be my people.  Now she is one of the people.  She is getting a blessing from the elders that she might be like Rachel and Leah and I were talking here the elders of Israel are praying that this Moabite woman will be blessed.  Like the lines of a revered patriarch.  She's in a she is really a bit.  Income level as life tells us verse 13 of the last rootsy became his wife and he went in and she who were unable to conceive and she gave birth to a son and others from a blessing to come in route wanted a leading our department with the lack develop now this woman starting at verse 14 living cleaning bare out among the servants as she shares the command of those very servants with her out truly does raise up around us and make the difference in the next blessing that the author brings forward is the one that probably matters the most root mailman after being provided for in that is that she concedes the Lord enables her to conceive it makes the point that thing to say and when you know it's all I had a son that he to a child in the pic with us on those days was never something done on purpose some couples today choose child as it was not of the Lord gives her son and the people praise the Lord for this blessing and wish more blessing on her verse 14 Blessed is the Lord was not let the without a Redeemer today made as they become famous in Israel.  That's what it tells us that the women were saying this at this point, the women's Edison or verse 14 probably some of the same women.  God bless family back in chapter 1 and she said in a converts on the great mountains know it's not your and Ruth was probably ignored when they first came back because there is a legacy Naomi returned it about this is more button about other nasties praise lavished with what they say about her in verse 15.  Your daughter-in-law loves you is that you can sense it brought back a moment when she's interviewed seven cents a you know that we're talking about a widow blessing with do not underestimate the Lord's ability to use weakness last week to pick up the weakest link and make that when a blessing to the other week or even to the strong.  I can do this.  So that we read in my is a great example in the New Testament of giving but a widow who live in my sparkly equipment example that you should eat more than all.  We've all been motivated by that moment in?  To be generous, sacrificial gift.  He tells and first-team 17 that when you go to this or that when you visit as a widow and on about U2 for God chooses to have the strength or weakness become an event in the case of group.

Naomi, and being better than seven son.  Also notice at this point to an attorney and contrast that Naomi is not remote at all and what has happened.  She's not meeting from this picture of all.  It tells us in verse 14 at these words carefully and women did not say to Ruth, but the women said to mail me.  Blessed is the Lord was not let you without reading you marry nail making it a listing of Lord has redeemed you Lord has coming your life with the reflection.  And then even more verse 16, she doesn't just participate in raising the child, but it tells us only that the child in Reagan and her lap and became his nurse says the neighbor women gave him the name saying the son has been born to Naomi what has been wandering in on it by congratulating them more than they are right,@or Naomi want to grandson for Naomi, but it was a machine that was does that so hopeless for verse and so it is a case that there is so celebratory over now about the grace of God giving hope to crank up in the faith even in her great grief do matchmaking and hope God might be a lots and Naomi has a young man in a family and there is someone to take the family name on a blighted it a lot, because now tells us that knew him or dead, which means worshiper probably meaning that he was one who has provoked us all to worship God is brought forth praise God for Naomi from all of us as it is the before he reached the most dramatic moment in its conclusion that the whole book is a big signposted says it has better plans for you than you think better plans than obvious to you at certain times of their manifest right now and have great open at.  We see tremendous setbacks know that God uses those setbacks often as stepping stones to joy in blessing you have a setback your of the death of a husband and the death of two sons.  In all of this lead to Ruth loyalty, who is better to Naomi than seven he the setback of returning anti-Israel as the returning to Israel that it leads to eating Boaz in Atlanta and the setback of having to take a low class leading Java not to write an app on and they just keep coming this way on and on it goes when our eyes are open to see what God is doing that he is working even in the troubles through the trouble finding troubles for our good even while the complaints and grumbling and I?  You're coming out of our mouth he is working for us as we might think you know, what a happy outcome of what could be said the author throws in his conclusion.  How great a solitary — that is a child well provided for in everything is not so good.  Something more that hasn't been said job as they know it is a leading investments in the Hebrews great reading this book without the familiar name as me somebody standing on a know it says looking merit verse 17 became the father of Jessica.  All that's a lot more of Munich started doing some belts and that Jesse it says is the father of David King David. 

Ruth is at this point in your for generations away from Israel's greatest king.  And of course, but neither Naomi or Ruth could have never guessed in a row the streams of the family name one on a number for generations and went straight to the Lord Jesus Christ.  We don't once you've got working that way when we think you into the individualistic way we think about my comfort.  At this moment right now, without stopping our whole culture trains as an individual, who am I doing enjoying right now in the terrible part of the moral malady of our times.  That feeds the hopelessness that you see in people so much is is a shallow viewpoint that cannot see far and cannot see what God is doing a distance.  It is focusing on trivialities and people are absorbing miniscule trifles or themselves were made for a much grander thing and were affected by Idaho world around us when you pick up the paper in the morning as a whole section devoted to TV and movies in the whole section devoted to sports know that everything I want to see how the Yankees businessman abducted that system and is another section devoted the comics in her soul will shrivel up because you're trying to thrive on things that have no nutrition and no problems lose your GUI worship, because usually the hope.  You can't state and on that.  We've got to behold the faithful love of God at work in the times of our lives.  We've got to learn to give thanks in all circumstances, whether they are pleasant or not.  We've got to learn opera patient prayer that waits on the Lord see what he's doing any of its relation of the thing.  You got to become acquainted through all that God has sent by reading a you and we can recommend that God is at work for his glory and fraudulent.  In Monday while at work, even with some of its excellent notice.  This is the compassion of God towards his widow received the instruments of his kindness to widows ourselves as we been wanting.  Especially on Sunday mornings, and we can apply to look now, I read you from Romans 15 turn over their read you from Romans 15 this want to see a beautiful connection and it and I wrapped did not even really see myself the same way until reading through and learning from the group seeing the compassion of God towards the is without sin seeing ourselves as exhorted to be instruments of his mercy and compassion I sell.  And when Paul writes, when we were strong ought to bear the weaknesses of those without strength and not just please ourselves.  Each of us is to please his neighbor for is the identification, or even Christ did not please itself as it is written or approaches of those were approached you fell on me.  And whatever was written in earlier times was written for our instruction.  So that the perseverance and the encouragement of the Scriptures we might have hoped.  I may the God gives perseverance and encouragement read you to be of the same mind with one another according to Christ Jesus.  So that with one accord, you may with one voice glorify God and father of our Lord Scots will be shown mercy. 

When we use our strength and our gifts and abilities to be a blessing.  When we use them to restore people's hope to the we use our strength not to please ourselves but to serve the needs of others.  We participate in the purpose for which God gave us is where we are part of it.  We are participating in the purpose of the God who says you should get one of the whole I have written the Scriptures of the old testament.  In order that the encouragement of the Scriptures medical you want to participate will be on record as part that will never get.  And it's serving the same purpose, which God gave you his own.  You know how it turns you on what you want pass on that kind of quality detergent others and users to be a blessing and a close with a quote from Matthew Henry such a blessing to me first as a God and he does mention of it leads welcome among these people what they bless her like associate with the Jews and points out that this picture is the inclusion of the Gentiles in the church and formally what Apple about God in the world and now they are in a volunteer everyone of us to our roots of the sort we did not longer upon people were not what people do with that.  Like a NES this spot.  Our Lord Jesus Christ is a Boaz in the compassion with which he looked upon how deplorable condition.  Advanced expands to himself he redeemed a heavenly inheritance to give it to us, which for us and we get sold away and forfeited all joys over to divine justice and wrath.  And we would never have been able to redeem ourselves.  He likewise purchased us to be his peculiar people, who he would call his five foreigners like Ruth horrendous bias.  So that our names are not cut off, nor forgotten forever been placed in Christ.  And though he was rich you for our sakes he became poor lead to his property might become rich.  So let us gladly embrace him and all our obligations to him and be applied.  Our Lord Jesus Christ, all his days become a closing for a public thank you for this little book of Ruth, a tiny but it isn't.  How unlike so many other proportions, is it the.  We thank you for the will of edification that is in it that you feed us and stir us to wait on you and hoping you seek do not distress to not grumble under trial but diligently pursue the duty before us and see how eagerly you bless the one that waits a new OS that you might make all the events in teaching the worship of the state to the crew to be a great support and anchor of the soul.  Your people to provoke us to love and good works to stir us to rejoice in the greatness of the paper that we have you back.  Thank you for this church in your wonderful kindness towards the prayer for those missing from us tonight throughout Ministry made a in your name experience the scope and may provoke and stir them to pursue holiness to seize what great passion every ministry opportunity to have give thanks that they are not worthy to serve the kingdom of God and even if necessary to suffer a safe before all the gratuitous in Christ's name


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