A lesson presented for Women of Grace Grace Bible Church, Tulsa by Martha Rusco 11 Jan 2011 George Kelly met Kathryn Shannon in 1927. Until then Kelly had been no more than an amiable, if less than competent, Oklahoma City bootlegger who spilled more than he delivered. By contrast, Kathryn was a firebrand out of the Mississippi backwoods who dreamed of riches and power and determined to make Kelly a top-flight criminal. She was well versed in underworld affairs since her parents ran a ranch where fugitives could hole up for $50 a day. ¬†Kathryn began promoting Kelly as a fearless crook who was oftenRead More →

Praise lifts your eyes from the battle to the victory, for Christ is already Victor, and you have the Victor in your heart that you might have His victory in your life. Have you ever noticed the way God multiplies your faith when you begin praising Him? There are times when it is more important to praise God than to pray to Him a prayer of intercession. Praise lifts your eyes from your circumstances to your almighty Father who is Ruler over all. Not one circumstance in your life can come without His permission, and that means that He has a way of causing itRead More →