The Intellectual Immaturity of Children A Series by Dennis Gunderson – Part 2 of 8 Previous in Series Next in Series   While the desire to win children to the Lord burns in pastors as much as parents, for most pastors are parents too, yet parents often find themselves in conflict with pastors who seem, to them, overly cautious about their child’s profession. Pastors often find themselves at odds with impatient parents eager to get their child baptized at the first hopeful glimmer of interest in the Lord. In so doing, parents often show insensitive blindness to the considerable difficulties of being sure that aRead More →

A Parent’s Greatest Concern A Series by Dennis Gunderson – Part 1 of 8 Next in the Series The family is all together at home, you’re in your favorite chair with a book, and the phone hasn’t even rung once all evening! But then your seven-year-old daughter strolls over to your chair and quietly delivers to you a most unexpected announcement, shattering the calm: "Daddy, I think I’m saved." These are words you have longed to hear; but still, you are in a state of shock! After all, this is the first time she’s ever spoken with such confidence of being converted. Mixed feelings fillRead More →