Pilgrim’s Progress – A Study on the Book by John Bunyan

A Walk Through John Bunyan’s book of
“Pilgrim’s Progress”

A Study by Kevin Johnson
Grace Bible Church

Tulsa, OK

During this study, we used the published version from Bridge Logos
“The Pilgrim’s Progress in Modern English”

This book is as relevant today as it was when John Bunyan wrote it while in his cell in the Bedford County Jail. The Pilgrim’s Progress is the story of every Christian– from the first stirrings of the Holy Spirit beckoning us to follow Christ, to our final arrival in the Celestial City of God.

Through the centuries, no book has better told the struggles and temptations faced by every Christian, with a promise for a final and glorious victory. At one time no home was considered to be Christian if it did not have a Bible, Foxe’s Book of Martyrs, and The Pilgrim’s Progress.

You may well be challenged and trained by the invaluable teaching and the depth of doctrine in this book.

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A list of audio files.

DateAudioChapter Reference
9 September 2013Final Session. The Fearful End of Ignorance.
1 September 2013Chapter 20 The King Invites the Pilgrims into the Celestial City
25 August 2013Chapter 20 Pilgrim and Hopeful Welcomed to Heaven
18 August 2013More Discussion of Chapter 20
11 August 2013Successful Crossing of the Dark River
4 August 2013Discussion on Dying Grace
28 July 2013Dying in Faith
21 July 2013Dying By Faith
14 July 2013Enjoying the comforts of Beulah Land
30 June 2013The Comforting Delights of Beulahland
23 June 2013The Certainty of Things Hoped For
9 June 2013Discerning Genuine Faith - Chapter 19
2 June 2013Discussion session
26 May 2013Pilgrim Meets Temporary Again
19 May 2013Ignorance p 205
5 May 2013Fear of God - p 204
28 April 2013Fear of Ignorance- p 203
14 April 2013Speaking to Ignorance
7 April 2013A Conversation with Ignorance
24 March 2013The Beauty of Christ - PP
17 March 2013The Gospel
27 January 2013Our Precious Jewels pt 2
20 January 2013The Jewels Are Yours to Keep
18 November 2012The Key To Despair
11 November 2012Giant Despair
14 October 2012The Alternate Path - Chap 14
7 October 2012Leaving the Plain of Ease
30 September 2012The Plain of Ease - Chap 13
23 September 2012Chapter 13
The Perversion of Profit
9 September 2012Mr BuyEnds
Chapter 13, page 141
2 September 2012Christian and Hopeful
26 August 2012Leaving Vanity Faire
12 August 2012Meet ByEnds
29 July 2012The Purpose of Tragedy. End Chapter 12.
22 July 2012Page 128
22 April 2012Chapter 12 Basics
4 April 2012Christian and Pilgrim
11 March 2012Faithful and Christian Walking in the Way - Chapter 11
27 February 2011Chapter 4
12 February 2011End of Chapter 3 - Wicket Gate
30 January 2011Worldly Wise Man
26 December 2010Pliable Returns to the City of Destruction
19 December 2010More on Mire
12 December 2010The Mire
05 December 2010Discussion of Pliable
28 November 2010Study of Obstinate
21 November 2010Toward the Wicket Gate
14 November 2010Chapter 1 Scene 1
7 November 2010Pilgrim's Progress Prelude
17 October 2010Bunyan Intro 2
10 October 2010 Bunyan Intro


Discover the book that ranks 2nd only to Bible

“The Pilgrim’s Progress”: Was written by John Bunyan from a prison cell in 1675 at the age of 50. It is the result of a dream he had during a brief re-imprisonment. This book has become the most famous allegory in English literature. Written almost 350 years ago, this book has been read in prim parlors, in sophisticated drawing rooms, in royal households, in religion classes, in schoolrooms, in family worship– and still it is read by all those who would themselves be the pilgrim we are instructed to be.

“Dearly beloved, I beseech you as strangers and pilgrims, abstain from fleshly lusts, which war against the soul;”
1 Peter 2:11 KJV

There is no argument John Bunyan is the best-selling human author of all time. He was a 17th century tinker– a mender of pots and pans– and wrote his greatest works while imprisoned for his Christian beliefs.

His “Pilgrim’s Progress” is second only to the Bible in the number of copies it has sold worldwide. It has even been called “the second best book in all the world.”


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