Messages From the Book of Psalms

Messages From the Old Testament Book of Psalms

Presented at Grace Bible Church Tulsa, OK


TitlePassageTeacherAudio Message
The Omnipotent Kingdom of the Lord's ChristPsalm 2Dennis Gundersen
A Psalm of Praise, Honor and Glory to GodPsalm 8 Avery Boyd
Be In The Habit of Confessing Your Sin
- A Series
Psalm 32Dennis GundersenBe In The Habit of Confessing Your Sin.
Anticipating the Age to Come
20 November 2016
Psalm 73Kevin Johnson
The Enthronement Psalms
- A Series
Psalm 43, 96, 97 98, 99John DugasThe Enthronement Psalms.
Such A Need For God - Today!Psalm 51Dennis Gundersen


Grace Bible Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma is a "reformed" style of church where the bible is taught verse-by-verse. These messages are taken from studies in the Book of Psalms.