Appendix Who Was Added to  The Church in Acts? A Series by Dennis Gunderson – Conclusion of 8 Parts Previous in the Series A careful study of the book of Acts concerning who was "added" to the church (Acts 2:47) reveals a striking absence: the terms used make no reference to small children being added to the churches! This does not necessarily mean no children were converted; but it is an important silence, and should not be taken as entirely without significance. There is simply no record in the New Testament of professions of faith or baptisms of children. There are no instances in ActsRead More →

Some Positive Concluding Counsel A Series by Dennis Gunderson – Part 7 of 8 Previous in the Series Next in the Series   We have now seen that nearly everything about recognizing a valid profession of faith is very difficult to ascertain with certainty in children. Where does this leave us? We have advised against haste and shown its dangers, urging parents rather to take advantage of the long-term opportunities we have with our children. But it is not as though there is nothing positive to be done! What should you do when your child appears to show signs of a work of grace inRead More →

The Manifestations of Faith A Series by Dennis Gunderson – Part 6 of 8 Previous in the Series Next in the Series   When dealing with evidences of true conversion, there is no warrant for suggesting that we can be satisfied with seeing anything less in a child than we would in an adult. What we must anticipate seeing is substantially the same in both cases, assuming of course a less mature and articulate expression in a child. There must be: "repentance toward God and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ" (Acts 20:21). A true believer is one who turns from sins and has restedRead More →

Childhood – A Time For Patient Cultivation A Series by Dennis Gunderson – Part 5 of 8 Previous in the Series Next in the Series All too often today, children are put on a par with adults. We live in an age in which, in most modern nations of the world, children and their interests are taken far more seriously than in any previous time. This is certainly true in our country. For this reason, many parents attribute too much maturity to their children. The fact is a child is very much an unfinished product. Childhood, viewed biblically, is a stage in which parents areRead More →