When There’s No Fear of God

Psalm 36:1-4

Message recorded 30 June 2013, PM

Dennis Gundersen – Grace Bible Church Tulsa

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I want to open by saying that we know there's a lot in the Scriptures that does not appeal to the natural thinking of men and women of this world. There is a lot in God's word that does not appeal to people whose minds are not made new by the Spirit and people who are not being transformed by the word.

You know very well from conversations with people yourself that people do not like hearing that my works do not contribute one smidgen to my salvation and cannot. It's not popular. They don't like being told to humble themselves and that pride goes before a fall. Men do not like being told to love your enemies when they feel like striking back. Men don't like hearing that the Lord's discipline and chastisement is good for His people. And of course another subject that men don't like hearing about is found in Psalm 34 and verse 11 when it says, "Come you children and listen to me. I will teach you the fear of the Lord."

Fear has a bad rap. People don't like talking about it. People don't like hearing about it and some will even go so far to assert that fear is mentally unhealthy and particularly should not be taught to children. It's just one of those subjects that has no natural winsomeness. And the context in which the bible brings it up. the fear of the Lord, well I'm sorry we really don't feel that we need in our lives. The last thing I need is cluttering p my concept of God with thoughts that I need to have any fear when I think of Him. Our children certainly don't, that would be unhealthy. And so to say, "Come you children listen to me and I will teach you the fear of the Lord." Such appealing words to today's 21st-century children. Don't you think? Nothing like a happy talk about the fear of God to bring the children scampering into the room and jumping on your lap and saying, "Tell us more."

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